♡Hunie POP♡ Part 16► GOING ALL THE WAY WITH BELI? - Kitty Kat Gaming! - twistytiles.com

♡Hunie POP♡ Part 16► GOING ALL THE WAY WITH BELI? – Kitty Kat Gaming!

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  1. Huh. Who woulda thought that the puzzle/dating game would be the one where I'm fervently yelling at my screen?

  2. If I say Speed Racer now, do I still get 10 whole points??

  3. Is it intentionally racist when the black girl likes watermelon?

  4. Did the pancakes are love thing from the Shrek fan-fiction: Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life?

  5. The pancakes are love joke is a speed racer reference. It was from the movie! I know my trivia!

  6. The pan cake thing ( I can't type German) is from speed racer

  7. oh my god i am yelling at my computer. they completely forgot how to play. suzy is yelling when arin may do a wrong move even though she is worst at it than he is. how much trouble is it to watch the last video of you playing when you actually remembered how

  8. The answer is Speed Racer, I will happily claim my 10 points now

  9. gosh, the comments are just as bad here as the ones at GG's. Stop judging people's gameplay, and just enjoy it. Good god.

  10. Speed racer … Wheres my 10 points dammit -.-

  11. Relationship goals right here. playing a secy dating sim with your Hunie

  12. Speed Racer movie!! It was sooooo good. pancakes are love

  13. …did you seriously just give a watermelon to Lola..? I am not the only one who sees something… "not right" with that, am I..?

  14. Well, damn. I never knew you get extra moves with food. Are you saying I got to Alpha date 42 and NOT know something that useful..? Damn, I am dumb.

  15. Lola likes watermelons? Now that's racist >:(

  16. They were actually getting it then they took a break and we're back at level 1

  17. I fucking can't. Just READ YOUR SHET. UGH.

  18. watching this when ive gotten so good at pokemon shuffle is so cringe… i cant say much tho cause this series is finished lol. at least theyre improving

  19. Aggggggghhh you guys never learn! You even said that it has to be at night and you do it during the morning.

    Love you guys though.

  20. I'm literally pawing at my screen, whining at the obvious move. WHY YOU DO THIS, SUZY? i'M GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK FROM THE STRESS.

  21. Egoraptor is married to kittykat? Nice couple!

  22. I had to get this game so we could actually play it correctly…because watching all the missed moves and forgetting to use the items is freakin torture -_-

  23. That moment when my 13 year old sister has the same b-day as lola.

  24. its from speed racer can i have my 10 points plz

  25. Holy shit i thought arin was saying that sentiment was useless and i was pissed and annoyed and then i realized that arin was daying sentiment moves to use moves.

  26. who else they were gonna do "that" with beli in this episode? XD

  27. pancookin vanschleepsch is from the speedracer movie, which is my favorite movie from childhood, me and my family still call it pancookin to this day! I GOT 10 POINTS!

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