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10 Minutes of Gears Pop! iPhone Gameplay

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Gameplay from the new Gears Pop! mobile game.

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  1. I am came to see all those "i am very disappointed" comment.. 😂😂

  2. i had no expectations from this
    im disappointed.

  3. I didn't ask for this

    (Adam Jensen / Marcus Fenix / All GoW fans and gamers)

  4. Anyone else thought this was goona gears like on the xbox, but just funko pop form?

  5. Clash royale but better with gears skin, i love this game

  6. Considering what CAN be done on phones these days, this is pure rubbish.
    this is just a shameless attempt to harpoon all those whales.

  7. Probably one of the most unpopular pop collections

  8. Behold the future of the xbox "brand" under the Spencer regime! What a joke.

  9. Game is fun. It's a mobile game. It's made to kill time, and it does that perfectly fine. It doesn't deserve the hate it gets, but I think people just dismiss it because it's a mobile game and it's gears with a kid friendly art style.

  10. What a shitty mobile game, it looks like a console game:/

  11. It looks so boring. What was microsoft thinking with this piece of crap?

  12. Wow. Just wow. That's beyond terrible! Than again, it's smartphone fluff, so of course it was going to be garbage. And yet, with zero expectation, I'm still disappointed!

  13. I don't even know what this Clash Royal is, and yet it feels like a clone of that game!

  14. sure this is more fun than death stranding 🤣🤣

  15. This has got to be a joke!! Its horrible!!

  16. Join my squad: “ GearsGang” everyone for horde!!!!!

  17. Despite all the hate, I love it.
    It’s classic to Gears style, adding Funko Pop and giving Clash Royale elements.
    It implements a true gears cover system, where you need to capture cover to get further ahead, not destroying buildings.
    Horde Mode is fun to play, but is still bugged. Lag will occur and you can be kicked from horde.
    The weapons make it still Gears like, and the quotes make some memorable moments for me.
    I just don’t like the limited character creation options.
    But the game has yet to be improved on, so we may see this in the future, along with more updates.
    All in all, great game, 9/10, would play again, and still do!
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to set up defences for the horde of people coming to hate on my comment!
    See ya!

  18. Join my crew “Onyx Guard”. I’ve been playing this game non stop and am about to reach bronze league within my first 3 day’s of playing💀.

  19. I really like Horde mode. There are better clash games like Revolve 8 but I like this because it's Gears.

  20. Dislikes are unwarrented it's a Fun game…..Lot of wannabe hardcore gamers who feel superior by disliking Mobile games..🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. i love how everyone hates this game but i gotta say i love this game tbh it might be a alternative to clash royale, idk why people just say OOO I HaTe DiS before even play it jeez u guys should just give it chance such idiooticy in todays gamers smh man smh……

  22. 90% of people saying it's bad haven't tried it so they don't get a opinion. The game is actually fun. Its not bad etc.

  23. I am an indie dev & I have no idea whats going on….

  24. Why Simeone spent money to build game lime this…

  25. Come join DoubleCupXIII rn we always sip mud lol

  26. Soundtrack: Helping the Stranded (Gears of war 2)

  27. I’d rather watch paint dry than play another time-unlock tower defense freemium game.

    Brawl Stars lets you get into the action.

  28. My expectation is ruined!! Better I didn't downloaded it

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