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#5 LSU vs Tennessee | Elimination Game College World Series | 2023 College Baseball Highlights

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LSU Baseball and Tennessee Baseball played an elimination game at the 2023 College World Series. The winner would advance to play Wake Forest in the Final Four, needing two consecutive wins in elimination games to reach the College World Series Finals.

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  1. Thompson has GOT to clean it up. All CWS, not clean.

  2. Are they playing in a damn hurricane…? Crews hit that one with 112 exit below and it was a routine fly out

  3. Good riddance Tennessee! Terrible sportsmanship and a terrible coach for allowing his players to act the way they do.

  4. Crews missiles 🤌🏼
    Outstanding job from Nate & Riley 🤌🏼
    Have a day Cade Beloso & Tre Morgan🤌🏼

    & lord never let Thompson bunt again


  5. Dog shit calls by the ump
    “That’s a good pitch”
    Offspeed starting high, ending high…Never touching the zone
    Fastballs a good 6 inches off the plate that he calls for LSU but not Tennessee. That check swing against Tennessee early in the game wasn’t a swing either. I don’t have a dog in this fight but the umpiring was shit.

  6. GEAUX TIGERS!!! I know the big field/headwinds are not conducive to a lot of offense, but our pitching has been lights out all 3 games. Just gotta keep swingin'! 💜💛

  7. This video was so uplifting, it really made my day.

  8. Holy fuck where they scrape these umps from it’s not just this game a couple other have had some question behind the plate calls

  9. Tennessee was doing well until the third base coach decided his team didn't really need to score.

  10. As an Auburn fan, I have to say that this loss couldn't happen to a more deserving team. Way to go Tigers.

  11. LMFAO @ all the tenn fans that said without skenes we couldn't beat them 😂😂😂😂

  12. Also LMFAO @vitello 6 years only one omaha win 😂😂

  13. Jordan Thompson with 2 pop up bunts, an error, and he looks like hes trying to slap bunt every swing

  14. I have always loved this sport. However, I am not qualified to say much; as I only played hardball as a kid. Now 49, and still digging it. For some reason the "ping" from the metal bat is annoying. It is all me- I simply love the sound (Tok) that a wood bat makes when it connects… Kids are great athletes. awesome to see them perform -Grumpy old man

  15. The strike zones in all the games I've watched have been pretty terrible …… that being said , at least its consistently terrible

  16. it was gonna be tough to beat LSU and then Wake no matter what, still proud of my Vols. final 6 isn't too bad.

  17. What a great outing by Wheels. He got his chance and proved he was the man. Now LSU needs the others to step up. The NCAA needs to step up and get some umpires that know a strike zone. That pitch at the 4:42 mark was a strike half the time; and then look at the pitch at 9:41, and that's what the problem is, inconsistency by the umpires. One moment the pitchers love them, the next the batters love them on the exact same pitch. The NCAA will review and say. "We did not see any problems with the umpires calls.."

  18. Tennessee simply couldn’t hit the ball. Whenever they were threatening the upcoming batter would pop it up. Situational hitting! Good game but they never stood a chance against this LSU squad

  19. We will be back
    And next year we’ll have enough to get it done

  20. i was bouta say wow first game with no homers then cruz went yard AGAIN

  21. Tennessee couldn't have shot their selves in the foot more if they tried

  22. Tennessee was suppose to compete in the world series. But when they played against a decent team. It was easy to see that they didn't have one athlete on the team. Just ball players. And the players and coaches have a baseball I. Q. equal to Forrest Gunp.

  23. Tennessee deserves that loss, if they had better attitudes maybe that will help them win

  24. I understand starting millazzo (I can’t spell) at catcher Bc he’s a wall. But in the 7th inning with bases loaded, they should’ve put in travenski (still can’t spell).

  25. Ahh the Tennessee choke job keeps on giving haha

  26. Our Hefty Lefty’s killed it last night. Geaux Tigers.

  27. 11:17 this is by definition moving into the ball and it’s egregious lmao. I think it looked so natural that they didn’t notice it and obviously it wasn’t intentional

  28. It just means more in the SEC. Gators are now waiting for an all SEC Championship Series.

  29. 11:18 morgan threw that hip out like we were down one in the 9th of an elimination game.. i love it

  30. I love to see the Vols loose I baseball, I won't lie, but that "did he go" strike out in the bottom of the third was probably the worst call I've seen in Omaha. As an Arkansas fan that's saying😅😢 something 😅😅

  31. LSU's second pitcher cooper looks like the tap dancing mormon kid from the meme

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