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80s v Today Dance Bop Riff-Off w/ Lizzo

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James had a big realization: if you want to fill a dance floor, put on a hit from the 1980s. But Lizzo shows up with The Filharmonic to remind him about the bangers coming out today like Harry Styles’s “Watermelon Sugar” and “Butter” from BTS. After they settle the score with a Riff Off, the two team up to get everyone dancing to her hit “Juice.”

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  1. Los latinos y españoles tenemos un concepto distinto de dance bop

  2. Filharmonic sporting the Tito Staches and I’m here for it

  3. James is correct. 1980’s was the best for music lol. Yes lizzo is great but she doesn’t come close

  4. I miss this show it's not the same vibe anymore

  5. I actually believe the 80’s is the greatest generation for music and I’m a early 90’s baby I wish to god I was born late 60’s so when I was 18 I could of enjoyed the 80’s in the club!!!!

  6. James sings much better than her 🙃

  7. My bf: wow so fat….(when she sings) oh shit she is awesome.

  8. I loved it!!! And she said Hi Jimin!!! He’s her bias ❤️

  9. Million apologies to my lady Lizzo, but James wins this one hands down. This Xennial would only be boogyin' to the 80s stuff.

  10. The music produced now won't be around in 40 years. But the 80s will live on forever.

  11. He is 100% correct 80s music is by far the best

  12. Hi James corden
    I'm challenge you riff of
    singing who is better singer
    see you Hollywood los angeles California at in the carpool karaoke with you James corden

  13. I luff's me James he is 1 out going Gorgeous man..
    Lizzo is 1 amazing women….

  14. 2 of my MOST FAVORITE people in the world!!!!!!! James & Lizzo ♡

  15. That blue dress is giving 😫😍😍😍😍

  16. james singing like harry like yes

  17. I love Lizzo, but it was all James until they did Lizzo's juice. Harry's had two stellar albums in a row, and WS is a fave, but for dance music, the 80s rule (by a hundred times).

  18. But why did he pick such crap 80s songs? No way any wedding would pick those as dance floor fillers.

  19. Love Lizzo but I hated what she was wearing, just saying. Reply if you agree

  20. This is like the last two people at karaoke that won’t give their mic up 😂

  21. Of course she did Watermelon Sugar! The Lizzo-Harry Styles love is alive and well. All of James' ones were rubbish tbh. Lizzo killed it.

  22. Sorry kiddos the oldies won! I’m so bias I didn’t know the other songs😂only Juice

  23. GLUSM (God✝️ Loves❤️ U🫵🏽 So Much✨) He died for you and is coming to save his followers from sin and lead them to heaven for eternal life 🙂

  24. Ich liebe die Musik aus den 80'ern, aber jedes Jahrzehnt hat gute Musik hervorgebracht. Dennoch, meine große Liebe sind die 80'er. 💗

  25. james has the better songs in both cases… harry's song was too slow and bts… nope

  26. The Late Late Show with James Corden says:

    It's the "Hi Jimin!" for me

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