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#9 Stanford vs #1 Oklahoma Softball Highlights, 2023 NCAA World Series Game 11

Matthew Loves Ball
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#9 Stanford vs #1 Oklahoma Softball Highlights, 2023 NCAA World Series Game 11
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  1. That young lady from Standford she tuff one mistake first time I seen a walk bad move coach

  2. Stanford was really tough this year, but go OU!

  3. Boomer Sooner! Jordy Bahl is a freakin beast and this team is a well oiled machine!

  4. EYES UP!!! 👀🆙🥎 Hell of a game ladies!

  5. Standfords freshman #24 pitchers is really good, she’s one to watch in my opinion

  6. 51 in a row is unbelievable. This isn’t the 80’s and UCLA or Arizona and nobody else. What is crazy is that I think if this team wins the title and goes down as the GOAT, I think last years team was better.

  7. That was an incredible game!! Both teams were so impressive!

  8. still confused why tht one stanford player bunted on 2 outs on 1st pitch with a runner on base, could've played another game

  9. Thanks a bunch, Matt (LB)! What a rollercoaster ride of a game!!!!!

    These Lady Sooners are strong willed and strong determined to win each game, what ever way it takes. Congratulations Oklahoma……advancing to the WCWS Final to face either Tennessee or FSU. #BoomerSooner G🥎 🥎U!

  10. If they can put some consistent hitters behind Canady Stanford could really have an incredible team in the future

  11. I’ve been saying it for months Crimson and Cream ALWAYS rise to the top! They can’t beat OUr ladies they can only hope to make it a close game. On her birthday Tiare Jennings plays hero ball! Stanford did everything they could but it was just not enough. Florida State will get to be in the record books but not for the reason they want to be. They will equal numbers 52 and 53 in a row. They will be a part of OU’s softball team equaling the number of Nattys of the football program at 7. In the words of the King Barry Switzer, we are Oklahoma we invented winning championships. Boomer!

  12. Whew! Our Lady Sooners prevailed but it wasn’t easy! The Stanford pitchers were good but we made them look better than they really are imho. Swinging wildly at pitches nowhere close to the strike zone and standing there watching strikes with the bat on their shoulders! Good win and on to FSU who is another one excellent pitcher team and a few good ones in the bullpen. We should be able to take them but it might take 3 games. FSU does have good hitters unlike Stanford but not sure their defense is up to the task and Sandercock can’t pitch two complete games consecutively.

  13. Maybe not surprising but Stanford was the first team all season that didn’t join our team prayer circle afterwards.

  14. Way to barely pull it out. Relax on the celebration for every little thing. Bat slamming intentional walks?! Boo.

  15. I absolutely love softball, now that’s a major league sport men would watch woman play. It’s unreal to me how obvious that is. That and woman’s major league volleyball.

  16. Stanford was very lucky to win yesterday. They have one great pitcher, but the rest of the team is run of the mill.

  17. Them Sooner girls are bad! Boomer Sooner!! Stanford play a great game. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  18. Congratulations Excellent Softball Excellent Thank you all for another season

  19. I think that what Coach Allister said post-game is very true – this felt like a championship game, a finale. I know Florida State has a higher ranking, but I believe this Stanford team was a bigger roadblock to the national championship than any other team the Sooners have faced. Excellent game and great fight by the Sooners. #Boomer

  20. Should be an interesting championship between OU & FSU – Lonni Alameda will be all over Bahl's front foot continuously landing in front of the circle (illegal pitch) & Gasso will likely try the same with Reid (shuffle of right foot). Got to also say, Brito needs to calm TF down when she gets a walk – if this was men's baseball, she'd get fastball in the skull.

  21. Heart is ALWAYS with the underdog…however money has to stay here.

  22. It’s time to sit Grace Lyons down. She is the worst Oklahoma player at the plate with her .114 post season batting average. I’d rather have a mediocre glove and at hot bat in her place. Watching her plate appearances leads me to believe she is more concerned about her plate appearance and form at the plate than hitting the ball. If Oklahoma falls to Florida State it will be on Patty Gasso for not sitting her down. Just because she is a 6th year senior and team captain does not mean you have to play her. She is better off being the best cheerleader leading chants on the bench.

  23. Thanks for the upload. Amazing job as always!

  24. Canady has to be tired of carrying this team on her back. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. Well fought game Stanford. Way to show true talent and sportsmanship. Regroup, reload and do it again next year. 😊❤

  26. We r all witnessing history in the making. They r on a mission

  27. Stanford refused to participate in post game prayer in both games(all other teams did participate).
    Their players mockingly waved bye to each Sooner player that made an out.

    Classless and liberal

  28. The intentional walk seams to back fire on a lot of teams. 9 out of 10 times . 😮

  29. Stanford you can go home and have a cry party with UCLA , you can lick each others tears .

  30. OU has advantage when the field is in their turf and the people so no matter what they are going to have that over every team smh go Florida!

  31. Ou is unstoppable literally 51 games in a row

  32. To all the teams and players, THANK YOU! Great sportsmanship, outstanding effort, tireless attitudes have provided untold joy to fans and families. All involved should be proud.

  33. Stanfords second pitcher is good….. I like her delivery

  34. Stanford wouldnt have that many loses if they played 24 more

  35. Can someone explain to me why standford walked 24 but tries to strikeout 23? Should it have been the other way around?

  36. Very exciting game, sucks for the Cardinal that popped up the bunt. Best chance to win right up to that moment

  37. I wish our football boys would do this. great job girls.

  38. Inability to put down a couple of crucial sac bunts with runner/s on cost Stanford a little. Sooners are good though for sure.

  39. Question: WHy can the pitchers in softball so emotions after a strikeout but in MLB it will lead to fights.

  40. Unstoppable, LMAO! Everyone will eventually meet their match.

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