A Spooky Funko Pop Hunt... Kinda! (Squid Game, Ghostbusters, Scooby-Doo and more) - twistytiles.com

A Spooky Funko Pop Hunt… Kinda! (Squid Game, Ghostbusters, Scooby-Doo and more)

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Today we are on the hunt for some spooky Funko Pops so lets see what we can find!

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Day 8 of asking Tristan to show us his whole Mickey Mouse collection

  2. I got a alien from they live chase piece m bought a protector for it but the protector came broken

  3. Do you have Oscar exclusive to smiths toys superstore

  4. I cosplayed as Izuku Midoriya from BNHA for Halloween. It was super last minute, so it wasn't the best. But I'm looking forward to improving it for my favorite convention next year.

  5. The yellow arms on the ironman also glows in the dark !!

  6. I HAVE SUPER SAIYAN GOKU WITH KAMEHAMA! It’s honestly an amazing figure its one of my favorites for sure

  7. The yellow arms of the gantry glow as well & also ironman’s eyes. Maybe you got unlucky & got one that only glows on the eyes 🙃 also I got mine months ago & it’s a awesome pop!

  8. Am I the only one who likes collecting out of the box pops?

  9. It is 7 there are two guards the circle one and the square one look it up

  10. I bought today my first funko pop since 2015 and i want to collect all naruto,boruto pops lol

  11. Went oldschool and went as a pirate! Love your Wembley costume!

  12. Day 120 of asking top pops to show his 2021 Pokémon pop collection

  13. because you have already a oogie boogie? XD Makes it sound like you don´t have any other Iron man… XD
    Greetings from Germany 😉

  14. Squid game is the best well piggy is better!

  15. I dressed up as Boris The Wolf from bendy and the Ink Machine and got recognized a few times.

  16. I like your pumpkin better than your brothers haha

  17. I dressed up as Sam from trick r treat!

  18. I didn’t dress up because I have COVID and u didn’t even pick out a costume so I had to stay home

  19. Are you sure you have squid game funko pops because it said they were going to come out next year.

  20. Do you have the Batman who laughs soda pop if you don’t pls get it it’s so good

  21. I have a question do you have a flash collection if you do I would love to see it

  22. For a sec I thought you were the bird from coco puffs

  23. i was mike trout
    edit: and my friend was babe ruth

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