Angry Birds POP! - Bubble Shooter -

Angry Birds POP! – Bubble Shooter

Angry Birds
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  1. what I have to say is I have been playing this game for 3months and. BOOM I CANT PLAY AT ALL

  2. Just stops working or it will actually take you back down to over 100 levels and makes you start over

  3. dyre g jlyt7uckfrrl b fy9421 rtt1233Sr yiwshrlrklrtktltltupypltkykyj6kpkfjllkjgmzzz-z-

  4. I'm at level 472 now trying to play but its not working

  5. Super🌃🌃🌃👐👐👐

  6. Did this reupload and has gone instantly popular?

  7. I didn't know you can repost YouTube videos now….

  8. If you watching this video subscribe to angry birds

  9. Once millones y medio de vistas en tres días😱😳😱

  10. Hal & Bubbles: *confused screaming*

  11. this game litterally not have 500 level but, 5000 levels!!! im serious!!!

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