Angry Birds Stella POP! Official Gameplay Trailer – out now! -

Angry Birds Stella POP! Official Gameplay Trailer – out now!

Angry Birds
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Angry Birds meets bubble shooter in an all-new and super-addictive puzzler! Use your slingshot to match and burst colorful bubbles, save exotic critters, and topple the piggies. Strategic and intuitive gameplay make for a challenging and satisfying bubble popping experience!

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  1. Jajajaja bubble witch 2 saga
    Q pensara king sobre esto jaja

  2. This game has been downhill since Red, Chuck, Matilda, and Bomb were added.

  3. eu também quero reculperar estella popi angri birds eu parei na face 527 não consigo abaixar mais o jogo

  4. Stella POP is good and beautiful game

  5. old pop was so good but now rovio crapped the a.b pop -_-

  6. It's time to play angry birds Stella pop or angry birds pop

  7. Jojo the Sonamy and Silvaze Fangirl 2007 says:

    My mum uninstalled this app and my new app is riven

  8. Yo busco el juego y m aparece el angry birds pop y no el angry birds Stella poo

  9. and after this game the whole franchise went bankrupt…

  10. Oh Old angry birds stella pop how I missed you…

  11. Remember this game used to be only for the Stella series…yeah me too…


  13. You ruined our childhood so we will not be love angry birds 4EVER until you bring back the old game

  14. Bro how is this supposed to be associated with angry birds

  15. How many levels in Angry Birds Stella POP?

  16. rovio release her friends you've held them hostage for too long

  17. Angry Birds stella pop a mí me encanta jugar este videojuego

  18. Angry birds spinoff (thoughts)

    Bad Piggies: WOW! An Angry Birds game that is original from the game itself, the best game ever!
    Angry Birds Stella: An Angry Birds game with new birds, powers, a different toon universe.
    Angry Birds Stella Pop!: So they changed the spinoff for this? Well at least it is original and fun!
    Angry Birds Pop!: What the?! What happened to Stella's flock? Isn't this supposed to be the Stella and Flock's only game? COMEONE!

  19. Rovio: you know what lets change the name to angry birds pop

  20. Разработчики я 5035 уровне, успеет время сама игра очень большая как вы могли за 90 сек. Эту игру чтоб кто то выиграл? Посмотрите и примите меры так же нельзя издеваться люди которые играют эту игру. Вообще может быть уже стоит удалить? Наверно вы этого хотите. Я жду от вас ответа и исправить ситуацию

  21. Sugar The Gacha ديك في مؤخرة النظام says:


  22. Why Angry Birds Stella POP is removed!?

  23. I don't think is saw this trailer before… But if i did already, wow that time flies of nolstagia…😉

  24. That app is fun, but I miss Angry Birds Stella app game

  25. I think that angry Birds pop is better than angry Birds Stella was

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