Arcade Longplay [811] Tumble Pop -

Arcade Longplay [811] Tumble Pop

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Played by: SCHLAUCHI

Another Data East classic! –
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  1. Why are there lots of tornadoes in that game

  2. Como lo jugué en los arcades a este juego. cada fin de semana iba a visitar a mi abuelo y a la vuelta de su casa estaban un lugar maquinas arcades y este era mi favorito. Las fichas que habré gastado en este juego son muchas y los recuerdo aún mucho más. Nostalgia es lo que transmite tumblepop para mi.

  3. Boss stages are in 1-5,2-6,3-7,4-8,5-9,6-10,7-11 & 8-12

  4. Faker 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  5. Wow world 8 is Japan 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  6. Octopuses and monsters spin like tornadoes in that game

  7. At first I thought this was a Ghost Busters themed game. Looks really fun and weird.

  8. You've beat like every game ever. Congrats

  9. i remember going a lot to arcades near my home and playing the simpsons arcade , tumblepop , outzone , mk 2 and the avengers

  10. Amo este juego! 😀 Si habré gastado por fichas para poder jugarlo en su tiempo. Ojala que ahora una empresa esta porteando los juegos de Data East para la Switch, pueda volver a jugarlo 🙂

  11. I love this game. Many good memories. A blast from my past.

  12. You can't fucking play. Let the ball of monster slide on the whole surface, you idiot.

  13. Yo lo acabo de descargar a mi celular en play store

  14. i loved this game when i was a little kid pizza hut had it and me and my brother used to play it before our pizza would come to the table

  15. Still mad to this day it was never ported to the snes. 🙁

  16. >Para ver a Gloria Aura: debes derrotar a los 9 jefes en el mundo 10 incluyendo al cientifico loco.

  17. I played this ages ago, and I don't know if it was the CRTs or my imagination, but I remember this so much better looking lol

  18. I thought this game was a fever dream I had once. But no, it is real and I remember it exactly as it was.

  19. 20 years of search finally done. Played this game a lot back then.

  20. El soundtrack que amo es el del antártica y la de los payasos creo que es en moscw y la melodia de chile me encantan esos soundtrack por sierto no me ganas a jugar este juego e acompletado 10 vidas pero me mataron una vez y ya no lo e jugado hace añales

  21. Love this game, i remember beat this game with only one coin 😄

  22. Still do not understand why this hasn't been released on the Switch.

  23. My goodness.. the only way I can honestly describe this is by combining 2 comments I've seen here as they fit so well.

    After about 20 years now… 20 YEARS of remembering playing this game at an arcade when I visited my cousins in Mexico as a little kid… I had almost thought I imagined it all, or that I'd never be able to find this strange game ever again… and yet, here it is. In all its strange and wonderful glory, here it is. And I rember it exactly how it was to a T. From graphics.. enemies.. to the kookie music even. It's all here. Thank you. Thank you for helping me find my childhood again.

  24. Data East had strange games, but that's the charm to the company, they made games the way THEY wanted to do them. They created some kusoge, or crap games at times, but many times they experimented and came up with some bizzare, yet oddly cool games. The only other company I know that experimented and came up with a lot of cool stuff, Taito. The difference, DE employees didn't care, they just kept cranking out bizzare stuff.

  25. Dataeast: We can use Snow Bros like level designs Ghostbusters like fighting mechanics in this new game…
    Random Developer: Yes!

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