ARMS - Introducing Lola Pop - Nintendo Switch -

ARMS – Introducing Lola Pop – Nintendo Switch

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Meet Lola Pop! The newest fighter in ARMS, only on Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Fun fact: there’s not much of a concept of a fear of clowns in Japan. So when the lead director heard that Americans didn’t like this character, he was surprised.

  2. when the music is better than the actual fighter…

  3. This is literally the character from streetfighter

  4. 0:06 Mr. Krabs: Boo-Hoo, Let me play a sad song for you on the world’s smallest violin 🎻

  5. America Back then: Clowns were used to make kids Happy
    America Nowadays : Stephen King and DC made Clowns scary and demonized it through our world generation
    Japan today: Nintendo makes clowns cute

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that Lola Pop needs the Poppers or Crackers more than those nunchuks? Possibly the Glusher too…
    Also, I just love the way she says, “Hahaha Hello” it makes me smile every time.
    And when she uses her rush attack, it sounds like she’s welcoming the Jewish new year, saying “Rosh Hashanah!”

  7. Japan laughs at America for coulrophobia

  8. ❤️❤️❤️🎮🎮🎮❤️❤️❤️

  9. Remember when arms was good? Yeah, me neither.

  10. Even though there's 15 arms fighters each & every one of them that Mr. Yabuki said is "Everyone's the protagonist!" that's why they brawl each other

  11. I always wonder what would Lola Pop be like as a spirit in SSBU & who's the fighter that can fit for her if there's an update on more spirits

  12. Is that..narcotango in the background? Because if it is, I love it

  13. Shes the character i play most, i like the mobility options

  14. Ability: Being THICCCCCCER than twintelle

  15. Are those her actual legs or are those just weird puffy pants

  16. A candy clown with nunchucks that can bloat on demand? That’s very unique.

  17. The only thing I can say is: That’s a performance NO ONE will forget.

    Anyone else got European vibes from the music playing?

  18. This game is so fun i don't know why more people play it..

  19. not only is it fast and i don't think it is a good roblox but I don't know if it's the room

  20. this popped up in my recommended and i genuinely thought that arms got new content

  21. I'm gonna go insane if ARMS 2 isn't announced this year! JUST DO IT NINTENDO!

  22. This has been my favourite character since she released 4 years ago and recently I wanted to make her my pfp because I decided to play ARMS again and I had so much fun playing as her….Nintendo…Why did you do this to her…?

  23. I don't know why Nintendo is reccomending this to me after 4 years seems like a reach. Seriously though, If Arms 2 ever exists please make sure there's more content. The first game is good, just repetitive.


  25. Me: hey this is cool NGL

    Me : sees the inflation

    Me: Ayo What the-

  26. I don't think fear of clowns is real, it's just a fad that people like to feed into because it's either funny, fun, or just because. Good job Nintendo, this is a cute one.

  27. Lola is such a delightful character to this day!! Her design never gets old and is now fondly remembered as one of my favourite clowns in media history. She's just about the only reason I remember this fantastically fun game anymore. I do wish they'd do more with ARMS even if it is an older one on the platform now!

  28. Català idioma original: Feliç 5 aniversari Lola Pop 22-8-2017 – 22-8-2022.

    Angles idioma traductor: Happy 5th anniversary Lola Pop 8-22-2017 – 8-22-2022.

  29. “Oh yeah,I’m talking clowns, clowns everywhere!”

  30. In my opinion, Lola Pop should have been the main character of this game. Sort of like the Sweet Tooth of Arms.

  31. Finally, a female video game character who can inflate herself like a balloon! Thank you so much! This is like a surprise early Christmas present for me.

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