Balloon pop relay -

Balloon pop relay

Katie Barton
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  1. J'adore les ballons qui pète sauf un qui pète pas fort

  2. مرحبة ممكن ترجمة للعربيه

  3. Loved your energizing game!!!!
    What I did to avoid cheating (!) when kids were running back to the next pupil was to instruct the pupil to high-5 the person at the back of the line before the next pupil could jump with their balloon between their legs towards the chair which is a heavy wooden one to avoid damage or chair collapsing…

  4. A 1minute 33 il n'a pas péter fort

  5. This activity is Nice, ever i am a Brazilian with a intermidian english level understood The rules of the game , thank you so much.

  6. Did girl bottoms hurt when they pop balloon with the girls but

  7. Did the girls rear in hurt pop balloon

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