Best Songs for Playing LOL #85 | 1H Gaming Music | Chillout Pop Music -

Best Songs for Playing LOL #85 | 1H Gaming Music | Chillout Pop Music

Respawnd – Gaming Music
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Best Gaming Music 2018 | ♫ Epic Songs to play League of Legends & more games! 1 Hour Chill Out Music Mix!
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Featured Tracks:

00:00 Tobu – Cruel:
03:49 Unlike Pluto – Nothing Wrong With Me:
07:27 Deflo & Lliam Taylor – Spotlight (feat. AWA):
10:01 [DELETED]
13:28 Lux Holm & Alvaro Delgado – Falling For You (ft. Harley Bird):
16:09 Noxxville – No Way Out (ft. SCRZG):
19:43 RVDY – Universe:
23:04 Max Oazo Ft. Cami – Wonderful Life:
26:04 Ben Woodward – Don’t Wanna Leave You:
29:35 Shadowkey & Airmow – Nothing To Lose ft. Chelsea Paige:
32:42 Ludvigsson & Jorm – The A Team:
36:14 Stahl – Pushed Down (feat. Caroline):
39:48 The Lifted – Crash N Burn (feat. Man 3 Faces):
42:58 Nick Gunner, Motoko & Red Comet – Aura:
46:44 NEFFEX – Chance:
50:20 Omglosteve – I Feel Nothing At All ft. SAYDI:
53:28 Clement Anatra – If You Know Me (feat. Brenton Mattheus):
58:11 C.o.R & Crank – Isabella (ft. Shiloh):



  1. This is so good! Perfect for work or study as well. Thanks 🙂

  2. #85 omg 😀 watching and loving this channel since #3 <3 greetings from germany

  3. Your mixes are the best <3 The Chill mixes are my favourites ^^

  4. Frostbutt Irelia,beautifull collection as always.keep it up))

  5. Can you try to put your new playlists to spotify? I really love listening to your music. Its hard to copy your playlist into my spotify account😔

  6. Great for my finals! love your channel, best gaming mix channel out there atm <3 cheers from Norway

  7. 75% of the comments are about Irelia's 2 fat pancakes. Youtube community is awesome!!!

  8. Hey Mate! I'm really flattered you used my animation for that video! Only thing is – it would have been nice to either get asked in advance or at least get a notification and not to have to stumble upon your on work on the internet. It's cool that you credited me – this credit might be a bit more visible tho.
    Also: not my best work, but BOOTY… guess.

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