Birdman - Pop Bottles ft. Lil Wayne -

Birdman – Pop Bottles ft. Lil Wayne

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Official Music Video for Pop Bottles performed by Birdman .
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  1. Babbage likhakifa still listen to birdman 2023

  2. Watching this in 2023
    Still hopping and praying for a Collaboration with Lil the big Wayne

  3. Millenials had it good growing up with this kind of music

  4. From Nigeria in 2010 I had this recorded on my phone when it played on TV. I listened to it for 3 more years via the VISAPHONE before it got stolen from me in 2013

  5. Then do something about all your old boyfriends bothering me. Eat out fest. Gross

  6. How good rapper was lilwayne before he was in couple with nicki minaj.

  7. Yeah dead end hoodrat hoochie mama. Next level baby mama ville

  8. For me this is a song of celebration. When something good happens I listen to this track all day.

  9. America Las Vegas Orașelor Satele Rap Hip Hop

  10. International rapper ❤️❤️😍😍🙏

  11. Shout out to kiss I remember first hearing this song I was like wait that’s a kiss line and then seen him in the video I was like that’s what’s up

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