Blue Jays vs. Orioles Game Recap (6/14/23) | MLB Highlights -

Blue Jays vs. Orioles Game Recap (6/14/23) | MLB Highlights

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Blue Jays vs. Orioles full game highlights from 6/14/23

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  1. “Drills a ball” lol, it off the first hit was off the end of bat

  2. The O's hitters had a terrible Day at Bat today.⚾

  3. Finally beat these guys, let’s go!! Please win this series tomorrow morning, fellas, it’s a really important one that we need🤞🤞🤞

  4. Congrats to the Jays! Now they're 7-16 against AL East teams.

  5. The CFL Saskatchewan RoughRiders.E.S.T.1910 Fan says:

    Hopefully the blue win the World Series

  6. The CFL Saskatchewan RoughRiders.E.S.T.1910 Fan says:

    I’m blue jays fan

  7. The CFL Saskatchewan RoughRiders.E.S.T.1910 Fan says:

    It’s called referee, not umpire

  8. The CFL Saskatchewan RoughRiders.E.S.T.1910 Fan says:

    It’s called referee not umpire

  9. The Toronto Blue Jays are 38-31🔵⚪️🔴🐦🇨🇦

  10. Blue jays winning a game against an AL east rival is my world series

  11. Can anyone answer me this: If Berrios would've caught that pop up in the first inning… how many other pitchers in MLB history have recorded all three fielding outs in an inning? Is that rare? I can't find that stat?

  12. Whoever makes the schedule hates the Jays. They've played 2 more games than the Os. Os and Tampa started with a very easy schedule to basically get warmed up. On the other hand the Jays played one of the hardest schedule, and played like 75% of their games on the road to start.

  13. Berrìos cool as cat, the team focused on strong defense with the runs made just when needed. Awesome, let's build on that!

  14. Good pitching game, hopefully the O's win the series we will win the series what I'm talking about, we ain't playing nobody but the blue jays 😂😂😂😂

  15. Vladimir Guerrero Jr and the Toronto Blue Jays wins the second ballgame over Ryan Mountcastle and the Baltimore Orioles ⚾🔵🔴⚪🇨🇦

  16. Toronto vs orioles⚾️🇺🇲🇨🇦

  17. Every time Bradish takes the mound, either he will immediately toss the game to the other team, or the Orioles will waste his good starts.

  18. Glad Jays won and really nice to see Berrios back in form. I was pretty certain it was just a matter of time, he was consistently good for too long. I'm also glad to see Hicks doing well in Baltimore, it was just brutal to see him in NY….the worse he played, the more the fans got on him and of course, the worse he played. I had assumed his career was done.

  19. Why did that Os pitcher turn around & what was the penalization call?

  20. 3:10 that toss by Kirk. Absolutely perfection. The camera work on that angle was sweet as well.

  21. I still don't see the fire in the blue jays team… Henderson was so angry with himself for not scoring today… Where is this kind of passion in the blue jays team.

  22. A big FU#K O%F to the bluejays. Seems like you must step in line or get the boot.

  23. Always play better when they are aggressive on the bases, gotta test that catchers arm every game.

  24. That double play was a thing of beauty .

  25. I tried my best to get on tv I went crazy and they still didn’t point the camera at me😢

  26. As a orioles fan the effort of gunner Henderson that man is just awesome 😎

  27. The kirk throw out aNd bichette tag was perfect textbook how it should be…caught stealing

  28. Wow that looked like an exciting game! Good job guys.👍💙 Pitcher Berrios 😮 , Springer strong and some good plays from Bo. 🇨🇦

  29. Beginning to end , sort of speak, are the only highlights that matter

  30. The Jays seriously have a good team. Good batting and good defense. They just need more pitching depth. Only Berrios, Gausman, and Richards are reliable so far.

  31. Imagine if Berrios got all 3 plays in the 1st inning. That haven’t happened a lot.

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