Boba Chicken Korean Fried Chicken Review! -

Boba Chicken Korean Fried Chicken Review!

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Today I went to the mall to try the Boba Korean Fired Chicken, ive tried the Hot Star chicken , so let’s see if this one tastes any better when I give it a Review!

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  1. Isn't that just chicken schnitzel? Looks like it was prepared on a dirty kitchen's floor. Sorry, doesn't look appetizing in the least 🤮

  2. You should go try the one inside the market square Sunnybank, called Hotstar fried chicken, their crispy battered chicken is the best one you can get

  3. wow they look like they have lots of vegetarian items like fried king mushrooms <3 lotus root and tofu.

  4. I'll stick with my KFC app hack. The 6 piece hot n crispy for $7.45. They're having a laugh… $11.50 😂😂😂

  5. Just so you're aware Greg, this isn't Korean at all, the giveaway is the fact there's no Korean text on the menu's, and Boba is Taiwanese. also Korean fried chicken makes this look like dog poo lol. If I could recommend any Korean restaurants Mukbang888 in varsity lakes is pretty nice

  6. Boba Chicken is that meant to be like bubble tea? Give me Gami Fried Chicken anyday.

  7. Hot Star bland and boring, but I gave it a 7 outa 10 anyway.😮😮😮

  8. I'm only a third of the way through the vid. I reckon it may be a 9.5 outa 10. I'm not sure about the Terry Harkee though.

  9. Hotstar is underrated. Idk what Gregg is tasting but whenever I’m at hot star I enjoyed it & line is always packed.

  10. A fool is easily parted with their money

  11. Why do they serve it nekkid? I mean, no wrap or bun? That’s cheap.

  12. Don’t be a racist mate! If you don’t like just stick with your KFC white chicken!

  13. Love your reviews Grego keep them coming😅

  14. That's a spicy Kotlet/schnitzel. Nowt to do with Korea.

  15. 23 for two schnitys oh no 11 50 for one cut in half 3d printing has come so far

  16. Amazing no skin or tendens or fat just ricken. Or ficken

  17. The "Korean Fried Chicken" you had is more like a schnitzel, real Korean fried chicken looks like KFC, but is more flavorful and sometimes they'll cover it in some kind of sauce similar to when you get sweet and sour chicken or something at a Chinese restaurant except the chicken is fried chicken.

    Also, Boba is a Chinese drink, not Korean.

  18. Always good reviews, Grego!
    Looks like a schnity from Woolies deli! You should do a review on that version and do a half spicy / half normal. Would save coin and not have to leave the house.

  19. Greg chicken with bones in it sounds like my worst nightmare you shore it ain the chicken of the sea crumbed fish disguised as chicken?

  20. definitely hope you can get your hands on some proper korean fried chicken at some point because its certainly got the 'flavour' you are looking for

  21. So it's a spicy chicken schnitzel with bones, no chips and worst of all, no pint!!!

  22. Regardless of origin, add waffles, and YUMM-O me in the bones!

  23. Giving the bubble chicken a second crack, GregO?

  24. Don't care what it tastes like, bones in chicken that's been pounded flat is simply horrific imo

  25. Greg you should have gone behind the counter to test if the fryers were hot enough with your fingers.

  26. Nahh! Koreanese, Taiwanese, Chinese whateverese there's no value in that.
    Give me a good ol Woolies $12.00 whole bbq chicken and a $2.00 bottle of Woolies sweet chilli sauce any day.
    At least you know where the bones are.

  27. These Hot-Star copy cats are similar to the same.

    No chicken that size is that flat to begin with, it’s actually probably either half a chicken to quarter chicken “mostly” De-Boned, then flattened & compressed, & crusty batter deep fried with sprinkled herbs & spices.

  28. 3 out of ten for those 2 overpriced pieces of chicken schnitzel.

  29. Go Grego, showing us the map of Tazzie 👍5:30
    P.s next time try to do a close up tear test of the next crumbed chicken you review, that test alone holds a lot of info. 👍

  30. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiyyyyuuuoooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrripaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  31. Greggo that looks nice but LOVE SEE MORE RED ROOSTER vids

  32. "No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist." —Motivation

  33. Greg please remove korean in the title please. That is not korean.

  34. Fatty oily oil ,with greasy fatty fat fat grease and fried oily oil with grease and fatty oil.Topped with spice mix.

  35. looks like a $20.00 chicken schnitzel sandwich if you want bread and butter omg so expensive

  36. RIP OFF bet you the shop won't be there in 6 months.

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