Bop It Extreme: The Ultimate Party Game -

Bop It Extreme: The Ultimate Party Game

Studio C
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Bop It Extreme The Ultimate Party Game. How far would you go to obey Bop It?

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Bop It Extreme The Ultimate Party Game – Studio C


  1. I ❤️ Mallory’s unicorn shirt where is it

  2. nothing will ever be funnier than matt’s suffering

  3. I lost it when he said “put it in your eye” haha

  4. Jason needs too be the new bob it toy voice

  5. Matt’s “bring it on” sounds very unenthusiastic.
    Not a complaint.
    Just saying that it’s a foreshadow.

  6. This is one of the best comedy videos…”pre-Covid”! Lol

  7. Lmao that bop it has gone toxic and Viral with the word "Put it in your Eye"

  8. The part at the end: "Lick a friend. Lick the screen. Do it!" 😂

  9. These are all so funny and creative!

  10. The most impressive thing here is how it recognizes a pass and a round

  11. I think after the seventh lick its a little too far

  12. I kept hearing flick it instead of lick it.

  13. I remember watching this four years ago

  14. Me: Why is Mallory so mad 💢😡 at matt? they are so clueless! 0ther comments: You stupiiiidddd you don't know the joke . Also me:oh wait now I get it Wow I stupid

  15. Jason always cracks me up. Like how he aggressively says "DO IT"

  16. I personally think this is one of the best videos made in history. When he says “put it in your eye” I just die

  17. The bop it skipped everyone except the last one and then it says lick it and I'm like say what 😂😭😂😭😭

  18. the bop it needs to stop saying lick it because it repeats it so many times that the toy because all it says it just lick it lick it lick lick it lick it lick it lick it!

  19. … Dk but, rather then fun party game it seem more like fun "bedroom" game

    Im sorry kids

  20. Ew! I can't believe she put it at her armpit and sneezed at it.

  21. Lick it, Wipe it, Sneeze it, cough it, put it in your eye. Disgusting and full of germs

  22. Studio C really just predicted Bop It Refresh.


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