Bop It . . . or Else | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim -

Bop It . . . or Else | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

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Kids, put the Bop It down. Good. OK. Now, kick the Bop It over to us and keep your hands UP.

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Bop It . . . or Else | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


  1. Wait a minute this wasn't put in the manual

  2. I used to have a bop it. It got annoying for everyone so my dad took it and burned it. All I could think of when the video finished was "Burn it!" XD

  3. head to school with it!
    Go to class with it!
    Kill it!
    Kill it!
    Kill it!
    Kill it!
    Kill it!
    Kill it!
    Kill it!

  4. After this Bop It is still everyone’s favorite toy.

  5. Me: I'm throwing this away now. I never want this ever again.

  6. The Bop it Toy got arrested, I didn't know these toys in cartoons can do that. The kid pointed at Bop it which it said: "Zip It"

  7. and that’s why, little kids hate talking toys.

  8. That kid grew up to become Sniper Mask.

  9. The next Bop it will be a remote device that activates a nuclear missile, It’ll be called “NUKE-IT”. 😂

  10. 0:50 Pikachu pointing at porygon for the "pokemon shock"

  11. It was a set-up. The cops were there way too quick; They knew, but they were just a few seconds too late.

  12. I love how the bop it was immediately made to be the suspect

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