Bought games from a Funko Pop HOARDER -

Bought games from a Funko Pop HOARDER

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Some footage from World of Longplays (With permission)


  1. Dude – are you really going for all 1300+ NES games? Good luck. Stay safe.

  2. Riff would probably be good at porn. Cameras on shirt explodes off 🤣

  3. That room looks so great! I also now have to track down a copy of Treasure Master. Pretty sure we have one at our store…so…I may have to grab it 😀

  4. I noticed you’re doing more white racist jokes… You’re becoming lame

  5. I wanted to start speedrunning Low G Man, but then I could never get past that boss that keeps dropping poison potions. Awesome game, but really hard!

  6. Had never even heard of that Breakthrough game! Looks awesome! Also love the Bobby Hill shirt lmao!

  7. I hate Funko Pops with a passion, but LOVE Mickey being back on the show! We missed you!

  8. What the hell is that screen at the end when your testing the games?

  9. I hope the dern brothers will be there if not this year the next because they're amazing. Like you guys with games, they know all things skating. I'm a super fan of theirs. Dern brothers it will happen I just know it.

  10. You guys need to have Mikey on more often. Dude is funny af.

  11. What type of TV is that, that you have hooked up to your NES system in the end? I know you mentioned it once, but I can’t find any information about it?

  12. Not a tattoo guy anymore BUT I dig what that one says " IN CHRIST ALONE" amen! Coming out of works based faith and truly understanding grace alone helps me love brethren that practice their walk in manners that would have stumbled me in the past.

  13. Absolutely LOVE your positivity, Riff. Makes my heart smile every time I watch y'all. Blessings to you and your fam. Be well and thanks for being you. ✌️🙏

  14. Grew up poor, played/had every Nintendo game as a kid!?🤔

  15. Thank you for another amazing video and an even better clso8ng statement life lesson. Gratitude,one love,peace and unity

  16. Mikey isn't "A" Funko Pop hoarder… He's "THE" Funko Pop hoarder! Always great to see him and get a dose of that positive energy he has ❤

  17. Ah wanted to see the 20 questions thing 😢
    Awesome video anyway. Mucho thanko ❤️

  18. NES game wall looks ugly with different box sizes tbh.

  19. I'm also intermittently fasting. Today marks week 3. At this point I'm too ashamed to admit I don't know what intermittent means, so I don't know when to stop…

  20. Funko Pops are the dumbest thing to ever exist.

  21. I need to learn to fast for myself, that banzai bowl looks awesome. Don't have stuff like that over here in Kentucky unfortunately 🙁

  22. Not the most common question I'm sure, but what brand of shorts do you wear, Riff? I love the length and they look comfy, too!

  23. what happened to the "clocking up the dollars" guy?

  24. Always love seeing one of your videos pop up. Acai is the bomb, one brand bottles it as a juice, so killer good!

  25. Fasting:
    I was told when u break a fast u need to do protein as breaking it with fruits because of the natural fructose (unless its berries) can spike blood sugar 🤔

  26. Riff’s knowledge of every single NES game ever is insane! 🤯

  27. Found this channel from @slimeezpizzeria tag

  28. At the end he forgot to say don't forget to vote for trump

  29. MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!! hf the squad slowly getting back together yaaaay!

  30. Holy crap Treasure Master I had this game as a kid and I don’t know what happened to it. It took me forever to find it again as an adult collector because I didn’t know the name of it but I finally found it. That’s awesome Mikey hooked you up complete boxed!

  31. You guys make me wish I still lived in Cali to go hunting and hang out with you all. Keep up the good work fellas!

  32. It looks like you're almost out of space already on your NES game shelves. I'm going for a CIB full Intellivision set and am half way there as it was my first childhood console. I measured the dimensions of a game box and bought the best premade shelving I could find to neatly hold & display a full 125 box collection… with some extra space for home brews.

  33. Love you Riff, I love what you stand for and this series is amazing! God bless you brotha and so great to see Mikey back in the show!

  34. That music in treasure master is sick!

  35. Do I get a prize for knowing this was Mikey from the thumbnail? 😄

  36. Love you guys and all you do. Wish I could have made it to the Con this weekend, but there is always next time.

  37. To all my brothers from the pixel game squad: HAVE FUUUUNNN!!! At ya'lls first expo with allot of amazing people!! Please make as much memories as you all can, don't forget to breath once in a while & keep spreading the luuuuuve!❤❤

  38. Why you keep calling it his hoarding? Can’t you say collection. There’s a bit of a difference especially if you know someone who has a hoarding house. It’s gross.

  39. The treasure guy walks like he’s Conner McGregor 😂

  40. Mikey is always entertaining, what’s his channel ?

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