btd 6 but every pop makes the game faster... -

btd 6 but every pop makes the game faster…

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Today we’re playing hacked Bloons TD 6 and hacking the game so every pop makes the game faster. This Bloons TD 6 mod makes the bloons move faster and faster every round which is insane. This is similar to past speed hacks but it changes the speed of everything in bloons. Let me know if there’re any BTD 6 mods and hacks that you want to see in the future. If you want to see more hacked Bloons TD 6 or other Bloons games let me know by SMASHING that like button!
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  1. Quick Tip
    2 0 1/2/3/4 on the bomb shooter
    0 2 5 on the bomb shooter

  2. not gonna lie guys i had a btd6 ad in a btd6 vid lol ive never had that before lol

  3. I wanna see Tewity or tewbre do a video like this but with 10X Bloons

  4. Top path Village is So underrated because of how powerful primary towers tier 5

  5. I love the the voice at the start it’s like taking to a mouse

  6. Tewtiy is so entertaining his videos will never get old. Keep it up Tewtiy!

  7. Tewtiy Can You Listen To Me Can You Remake Godzilla Like 2021 Pls
    Money Cost 3980
    He Slaps Bloons
    Slaps: He Slaps Two Times 4 Times Pops At Ones And See Camo Money Cost 6500
    Tail Slap: He Use Tail To Slap The Bloons And Break Lead Bloons Money Cost 19800
    Atomic Breath: He Shoots The Blue Laser Beam Money Cost 95000
    Burning Godzilla: This Is How That Happened Mothra She Kill Herself By Monster Zero And Her Power Soul Land On Godzilla And His Body Is Fire And Monster Zero Is Eating The Thing Call Him And He Gravity Beam The Car And Godzilla Hes Gone Nuclear And Pulse Monster zero Money Cost 600000

    The Atomic Breath It One Shots The Moab And Bfb
    The The Burning Heat Ray One Shots The Zomg and D.t.d The Nuclear Pulse One Shots B.a.d

  8. Do you play battles 2 much? I can’t find anybody who goes late game with me

  9. for you, which direction do the glaive dominus's glaives spin?

  10. You Should Listen To Me Pls That Other Comment

  11. Can't wait for April 16 2022 that is when engineer paragon comes

  12. I love how the editor just cuts him off at the end it’s just: you guys are amazi- video ends. it’s funny

  13. do the hero prices ever change or discount?

  14. I want to a bloon spawner again with with cross path mode i want to see a 5-5-5 cross path bloon spawner

  15. hint: if ur using monkey sub and advanced intel or what is called u can use a sniper for global sub range

  16. How you all know how i feel with the lag, but i get it on round 3

  17. Is there a way to download any of the mods hes played

  18. One punch monkey
    | tier 1:defeating a zebra bloon
    | tier 2:defeating a moab
    | tier 3:start training
    | tier 4:finished training
    | tier 5:one hit bloons
    (recommended:i think you should make the bloons stronger because one punch monkey can do alot lot lot of damage)

  19. HEY tewity can u can a mode balloon are monke and the monke are the balloon plzzzzz in btd 6

  20. tewtiy: this is not even triple speed and its bonkers
    me:looks at the bottom right

  21. tewtiy a bottom path alchemist will get you waaaay more money so please can you use it. It would be good to use an alchemist in popping bloons

  22. First time I've seen someone say "my game is running so fast".

  23. Day 14 of asking Tewtie to do Wings of Fire

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