btd 6 but every pop makes the game faster... -

btd 6 but every pop makes the game faster…

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Today we’re playing hacked Bloons TD 6 and hacking the game so every pop makes the game faster. This Bloons TD 6 mod makes the bloons move faster and faster every round which is insane. This is similar to past speed hacks but it changes the speed of everything in bloons. Let me know if there’re any BTD 6 mods and hacks that you want to see in the future. If you want to see more hacked Bloons TD 6 or other Bloons games let me know by SMASHING that like button!
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  1. I feel honored to see testily use gwendolin

  2. Tewity what monkey knowledge makes it so you starts on round 3 and also love you vids

  3. this is the experience of round 500 on mobile.

  4. Tewtiy: sell banana farms cuz they lagging game
    Also Tewtiy with x3 speed on

  5. Hey tewity can you link my channel name in your next video its Braxtyn Sams

  6. This is an imposter, the real tewtiy always uses cross path

  7. 4:31 "I don't even know if the tack zone is worth it"
    Bro that is one of the best primary towers in the game

  8. could you imagine if this was just the speed that the game goes at normally

  9. Druids are my favorite tower, they're awesome in DnD, they're awesome in History, and they're awesome in btd6, especially the middle path (seeing it just consume Bloons is SO SATISFYING)

  10. "Tewtiy": Primary Towers Stacking With Primary Expertise
    "Me": You Don't Even Have Primary Expertise


  11. imagine this with 10x bloons Edit: it should be fast but instead tewtiys pc litterly running at 1 fps

  12. alt title i use primary finally+village (like pro)

  13. Hay tewity/Ryin do you still play btd 5 🤔🤔

  14. When the game goes so fast that it lags and makes the game seem slow..

  15. Tewtiy did you know crossbow is stronger and better than triple shot cart mommy get cross how it's so much stronger

  16. I must admit tewity your alway like we will get primary expertise but then you never do

  17. Pls react to "history of Bloons" it's really good

  18. Idea: every pop make monkey shoot faster and faster

  19. tewtiy: keeps saying triple speed
    everyone: TRIGGERED

  20. Pov: ur eatching it peacfully and after like 5 minutes you realise there are ddt’s

  21. i think 024 is better than 204 for the bomb shooter, same as the 025 cause it attack faster for a lot more damage

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