Bump Pop - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Tutorial Levels 1-15 (iOS,Android) - twistytiles.com

Bump Pop – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Tutorial Levels 1-15 (iOS,Android)

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Bump Pop Game – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Tutorial Levels 1-15 (iOS,Android)
Bump Pop – Fırat Arslan

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📱Game Description:Drag and drop to throw ball & enjoy the feeling of cloning!

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  1. What do the chest with gems and the purple balls stuck together (lol) on the left do? I've watched the AD to activate it and I still don't see what they do?

  2. Wait, how did you get pass the first prize after level 4. The game won't let me pass it.

  3. I wanted to beat the high score (I have no life) – succeeded, but now the game only lets me play one round, then I have to close and restart. Any ideas how to reset/remove score data?

  4. This was one of the ads I did actually download. It’s alright, but can really get buggy at times when it won’t always let you aim where you want the ball to go, the level complete doesn’t show up in some instances, and there are times when level failed appears when your ball is still alive in the level.I do however like the update that changed the lava into a vortex because it allows me to see how many balls I can actually get across the finish line.

  5. i saw an ad for this game and it blew my ears out

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