Cake OR Fidget Toy?! CUTTING THEM 🔪 | Mrs. Bench -

Cake OR Fidget Toy?! CUTTING THEM 🔪 | Mrs. Bench

Mrs. Bench
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  1. Better than I ever could 💀💀😅😅

  2. My gurl just called takoyaki * taiyaki * 💀

  3. “Which one is cake?”

    It’s actually all modeling chocolate 😂

  4. The banana one was a figet and the other one was real maybe so she didn’t cutter it or maybe it was perfect and btw I love ur vids

  5. I could if I had like 10sec to see

  6. I don't think u have❤🦴🍄🌈🍉🥪🎂🧁🍫⚽

  7. It's so sad to see you cut the 🐢 turtle 😢

  8. Me guessing. The cake ones : 1st : purple 2st: first one 3rd: the second one

  9. The bannan was real and the otner was fidget thats why she didnt cut

  10. Your not testing cake or fake ,your testing my patience 💀

  11. The two bananas were actually squishy’s. She was trying to trick us. I’m not dumb if you look closely at the banana.

  12. I bet you can’t make a figet toy blind bag.

  13. turtle was to obvious that banana toy oooooooof i want it

  14. This is bench can you send me a box of fidget toys I live in Oregon send it to 5609 Northeast 58th way

  15. She cant cut the banana because i saw is a real banana😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Am I the only one who wants to cry when they see fidgets like remember when we were kids…?

  17. Hi mrs bench please send me a package im in Philippines 😊❤

  18. When I came across this short, my cat who was laying down behind my neck found interest in this video❤ I saw his pretty yellow eyes staring at the screen❤ 🐈

  19. Bro the banana isn't cake at all its a normal 🍌

  20. The round fidget with po it’s on it is sooooo easy to guess why did u even put that sa one ?!?!!,….,.,.,.,.,.,..,,.,.,.,.,.??…?.😮

  21. People who got it all correct.

  22. That is not cake because all I see is chocolate. There’s no cake in it.

  23. Her: you can tell the purple one is CAKE
    Me: that’s all chocolate

  24. Last was a real banana so she had not cut

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