Cash Pop How to Play Video (2021) -

Cash Pop How to Play Video (2021)

Florida Lottery
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A How to play instructional video for the Florida Lottery’s exciting new draw game, Cash Pop.


  1. what's to stop someone from betting $5 on one drawing for every number on the ticket? You kinow, a full $75? Is that a guarantee win?

  2. If there’s someone here on this page, I could just give me a tip. I want to play one number only so how do I win the most by just playing one number. Thanks fellow lottery players.

  3. So the computer picks the winning number and decides how much to pay out?! 🧐

  4. I would have preferred a live drawing vs this digital version.

  5. Nice, but look at the odds. The pick 2 has better odds if you play the same number 5 times.
    Pick 2 = Play 5 tickets with same number for $5. Odds 1 in 100 to win $250
    Cash Pop = Play $5 ticket. Odds 1 in 2,100 to win $250… Remember there's a chance to win $500 or $1250, but the odds more extreme with Cash Pop.

    $5 Cash pop option has the odds of 1 in 15,000 to win $1250. The ($2) Pick 4 with Fireball has the odds 1 in 2,500 to win $1500. Yeah….
    Cash Pop is GREAT on the lower end, but very extreme on the higher end. Base chance of winning is 1 in 31. Good Luck! Play responsibly.

  6. A live drawing makes this way less shady. A digital pick?? So if you bet the largest amount you are at the mercy of someone choosing behind the scenes. No thanks

  7. I would rather see a live drawing because who's to say they don't have 5 of these drawings and decides to pick whichever number they decide.

  8. Good luck to all who buy we going win just try $1 per draw

  9. Youre better off putting $1, $2, $5 in a cookie jar everytime you get the urge to pop some cash.

  10. $1.oo and or $2.oo and or $5.oo × 15 numbers each time it plays 5 times a day on 1 ticket or on 5 tickets. Total of $75.oo at $1.oo.

    THE ABOVE WAYs WINS EVERYTIME!!!!!! Depends on how much the cash pop money amount is. $1000+ on a 1 dollar could pop up??!! ETC……………….!!!!!!!

  11. So if you have the number 4 on Matinee for $50.00 and you play for $5.00, how much do you win, $50.00 which is the amount under the 4 that you picked. Or is it 5 times the amount ($50.00 x 5) for the $5.00 that you purchased the ticket for? Confused

  12. It’s a good game! Make sure you pick the same # throughout the entire day if you feel lucky. You would hate to pick a # they called for the wrong time of day. 😇😍😍

  13. This Florida lotto is RIGGED !!! check this out: 1)how do you explain that most Jackpot winners are from NY?? I am sure if someone investigates all this winners are related to each other somehow. 2) look at the life drawings and notice how the majority of draws of one same day have something in common; they have a pattern. several numbers repeats on each game and the same combinations of odds. for example One day You will see: all games got a 1-11- and 22 number between the winers, or got a 1-2-3-4, or a 12-13-14, 0r a 5-15-25 and so on. Think about it; How can you explain that every single game got the same exact combination on the same day? the only explanation to it, would be that before each draw some one with access to the little balls takes out of the machine several balls with the same exact number for each game and adds several balls with the same exact combination, for example: take to out 20 balls From the drawing machine living less odds option but making sure he leaves the 1-2-3-4 combination inside the drawing box

  14. Everything is a scam. Cable, gas prices, lottery ticket, iPhone prices…and now I heard Aliens exist.

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