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CASH POP – How To Play!

Virginia Lottery
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Match one number to win. You could win up to $2,500!*

There are five drawings each day. In each drawing, the Lottery will draw one number from 1 to 15. If you match your number to the Lottery-drawn number, you win.

*Depending on amount wagered.

Odds of winning CASH POP top prize: 1 in 15,000. The top prize can be won only when $10 is wagered on a number. CASH POP tickets cannot be canceled.

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  1. I love this game hit the lottery 4 times with cash pop

  2. I'm not understanding this game either! I'm sure I won; however, I will wait till I cash it in to understand how to play. Not at all thrilled with this one. Let's see if they actually read the 'comments'.

  3. From what I am seeing is that , whatever number you pick, you don’t know the prize until after the ticket is printed?

  4. I just love playing cash pop I've won so much money and still am

  5. How can I contact you to ask more questions and learn

  6. So basically you choose all numbers at 10 dollars a number a prize is already under that number thats crazy

  7. 10 dollars and you catch a number might pay 100 with 10 prize underneath it

  8. This dont make sense if i buy 15 one of each number at a dollar i can win 500 so i cant lose?

  9. This game sucks…you have to spend a ridiculous amount to win any real money. I played cover all for 1$ and won 7$…. Definitely crazy and crooked if you ask me and top payout was only 30$…. Lol waist of money!!! Worst lottery game ever!

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