Cheapest Ways To Pop a BAD! -

Cheapest Ways To Pop a BAD!

Ethan Reid
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The BAD is the strongest bloon in the game and it’s pretty difficult to pop especially when we’re running low on cash, so today we’re gonna talk about a lot of ways to deal with the BAD bloon ranging from $17,000 all the way down to $4,000 dollars to either do a lot of damage or completely pop it!

Thanks for watching the video, as always likes and subs are very much appreciated and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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  1. That a amazing way to defeat or do damage it will really help if you want to farm more

  2. none of these actually destroyed the bad though

  3. is pops equal to HP? Like one pop is one HP?

  4. Using Geraldo’s super maelstroms for the BAD layer is really dumb imo, especially when as you demonstrate later in the video the golden genies are way better. You should be using the maelstroms for round 98, or for the BAD insides, not for damaging the BAD itself.
    Also surprised there was no mention of first strike, considering it can one-shot the BAD insides if used when the BAD is on low hp, which is great on short maps as long as there is water to place it in.

  5. Spike storm with geraldo bufs is too insane

  6. make the moab hp like 1 hp to kill with a dart monker free 1 lol

  7. Free Dart Monkey cheapest tower to help pop BAD.

  8. Video felt like clickbait tbh, only one of the methods listed popped the bad, but even then on a short map it wouldn't be enough to pop ddts. On the same method you also had a village to help.

  9. Resorting to clicky-baity now? It this the beginning of the downward spiral?

  10. Him:The strongest balloon the BAD.
    Meanwhile fortified bads, boss balloons and test balloons.

  11. use Geraldo? you're right, that is the "cheapest" way of popping a bad

  12. “deals with the insides too!”
    ddt still leaking bro

  13. Ezili costs only 600 dollars and her level 20 ability can one shot a bad so technically that is the cheapest way to pop a bad

  14. Ethan:the bad is the strongest bloon in the game
    Boss bloons:ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU???

  15. “Cheapest Ways to pop a bad”
    The Video: cheapest ways to do half of a bad’s hp

  16. Ok thiss one was a little click-baity

  17. I've found a great combo for early-mid game: Geraldo+ninja+alch. Jar of pickles makes him so much stronger even at a 402 ninja, combined with sharpening stone for peirce PLUS alch buff makes him a cheap and amazing early-mid game tower

  18. ive found that if you can get past 98 and 99 then you can pop the BAD anyway

  19. I like your content a lot but literally only one of these popped a BAD

  20. I love he title but only one of the strats can pop a bad

  21. All of the options except the last one cannot pop a BAD, yet the title says all of the options can pop a BAD. Why?

  22. Him: the bad is the strongest Bloon in the game. Bloonarius, lytch, vortex and test Bloon: am I a joke to you

  23. Actually if the bad is spawned on round one (sandbox only) then the bad has 20k hp not 28k

  24. Nah nah nah everyone I afk in cubism I don't die to bads I lose to fddts

  25. You can actually pop a BAD for free using the free dart monkey, easily the cheapest way in the game

  26. Alternate title: geraldo is the best or embrittlement +anything is op

  27. alternate title: ways to almost pop a bad

  28. You should've included the cost of Geraldo in that last one

  29. I just use the good old way: 2 sun avatars, geraldo for pickles, 401 alch, 230 monkey village, and 025 ice monkey (DDTs no longer a problem for this monke)…Im tired of this strat and gonna use yours

  30. These all pop the bad, but they don't completely defeat it.

  31. Well…
    Only 1 Bad Pop On (How To Pop A Bad)
    And No Strategy Did Complete Pop The Bad And Everything Inside Of It!

  32. Title's a bit clickbait when most of these strats don't even actually pop the bad themselves

  33. Intro is a lie! Challenge Editor: Double HP Moabs with 2000% health on the highest round [user] has gotten.

  34. Missing out on the bigger ones, from best to worst

    First Strike can be activated twice on most maps, and can either take out 1/3 of the HP or clear the insides when the BAD has <3000 HP, or both. Using Geraldo's rejuvs can let you launch 3 whole first strikes too.
    MOAB Eliminator is one of the most efficient things you can have against a whole BAD though it does cost 33k. The tower itself makes a great combo with top and middle path mortar.
    Ezili or Brickell level 20, only on expert maps thanks to leveling speed but usually costs 15-17k. Ezili takes out the whole BAD while one level 20 mega mine takes out half the HP, two kills if you can stall round 99.
    104 Sticky Bomb, his sticky range extends a little outside of the visible range and can deal thousands to the BAD, gets better on longer maps but usually 6000-8000 damage

    And 205 elite defender, global targeted damage great for long maps, usually less efficient as a sticky bomb but fits better into strategies like sniper spam

  35. "the bad is the strongest bloon" elite lytch; am i a joke to you?

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