DON'T POP IT CHALLENGE - Merrell Twins -


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  1. The thoughtless appendix optionally charge because curtain coincidingly scrape as a laughable robin. shivering, ordinary sponge

  2. Its been 6 years since I've watched this video and now I'm 10

  3. This happened to bratayley but it took a long time

  4. love how this is in my recommendation feed two years later…

  5. They look so yoooung 😂😊☺️🤣😂😅😂

  6. In the second round roni got 3 😂😂😂😂

  7. This was the first video I’ve watched from merrell twins

  8. one tim i blew a balloon and it blew like crazy and me and my grandma were laughing so hard

  9. when the balloon popped i didn’t even flinch or scream

  10. For some reason, I miss their old videos like this. They were so cute and playful with each other 😭

  11. latest person that commented check🙉🗿

  12. It was so funny that roni keeps geting threes

  13. 1-I Love you I love you I Love you I love you I Love you I love you I Love you

  14. I was scared when Veronica got 3 I said nope noooooo

  15. i met god as 2 girls but she hates me shows no love tells me to krill with no r myself. would any alive or dead able or disables person.

  16. The first vid I've ever watched from the Merrell Twins 🥰🥰 – a 7 year old Merrell Twinner (started in fall 2014)

  17. Who else watches them always to the point that their not Identical Twins anymore??

  18. It's crazy that you guys haven't changed a bit since 2014 and it's 2022 now!

  19. in slow-mo when roni popped it the first time it popped nessa's face was more funny then ronis.🤣😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Rewatching their video after 7 years 🥹

  21. You both are full of crap. You can’t even blow a balloon. Stop sleeping with your dad

  22. Now Roni is married 🥺🥺 growth is beautiful

  23. Nessa in the background: Your gonna be the loooooser 😂😢 4:17

  24. I would like to see you guys play the bug game splat

  25. Bru there married now thats crazy i used to watch there videos when i was younger

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