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Episode 6: pop the ballon to eject the least attractive women o the hunts game

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  1. where do you get these men nons? all of them are always so immature and disgusting excuses for humans fr

  2. Is this a love show or a violence show. Also Nigerian men talk to much. I Feel for ladies who go to this show and able to respond to All these men's comment.

  3. That queen diamond girl is silly…she talk too much…even if they don't insult her,she will still insult mumu

  4. The savagery is much, they seem not to know why they are there

  5. The savagery is much, they seem not to know why they are there, if they don’t like someone, they should politely say it

  6. Why do you bring mannerless brats here. These small boys are too Noisy @Noms Miraj.

  7. @Nons_Miraj please always talk to your invitees before bringing them

  8. If this show is for love why the hate unless its acting

  9. The first lady is a real vibe I like her ❤

  10. Especially the guy that lied that is wrist watch is 1.2m burr could not say the brand name he also lied say he get Benz lol 😂
    Some people dey lie 😅😂

  11. Why did you keep your balloon ???
    You know you don t feel her but you did nt pop your balloon why ??

  12. The artist is laughing me out.

    Nons, you have to get someone to do face check because some of them are lying.

  13. The First Lady said “ You break my heart “ 😂🤣🤣

  14. I love the First Lady 😂❤ she’s beautiful and bold

  15. I love Nigeria 🇳🇬 the country and I've met some people from that beautiful country but this guys is just a bad representation like what is this All I had is you look cheap is it all about money…..

  16. U call my country Ghana cheap 🤣Carry bus come cus I won’t even think of flight for u😂Cheap people see everything cheap so I understand

  17. Fake life is doing badly well on you guys
    Even the richest man can't just buy earring 700k
    You guys can lieeeeee!!! Ehh!! Jesus

  18. See as men talk
    They are insulting 😢


  20. Some people on this show are shocking me.
    So it's wrong if a girl wears something cheap, it becomes a crime..

  21. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😅😅😅😅

  22. This first girl is a comedian 😂, she's giving the vibe!

  23. There’s no Frank muller worth 98k it’s literally fake lol

  24. I honestly don't know why Nigerians think they have to wear a Jacket or hoodie in that hot weather. Makes those who do that look stupid.

    Anyways I dey enjoy this show 😂😂😂😂

  25. I am distured by the lack of emotional intelligence the guys on this show have.

    Even if it's for views and likes, it's becoming too much abeg

  26. Most everything on this show be about vuwelence

  27. 😂🙌Walai if na me person daughter dey follow talk like this, I for don beat am

  28. Why can't girls face rejection and move on, Al these insults are not necessary

  29. Cost of outfit is my favorite part…people dey lie sha😂😂😂

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