Fast Push Game 🤩 -

Fast Push Game 🤩

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  1. I just bought it today and so fun

  2. GuRl why when I git it there was already batteries in it?

  3. Bro i got this it came broken and my sis was in a different country so she ordered it and then she came and it was broken

  4. People who know he’s gonna get slapped

  5. Bro, let me cook with that. Let me cook.

  6. Can you have it auto reset with no sound?

  7. I have that I bought it in Queensland surfers Paradise

  8. The last button is the kill mode unless it has the light on it

  9. Remember it says “Welcome to the parzogam!”

  10. Iam a speed pass game addict now i cant stop playing its just too much fun i like fidgety toys😂😂

  11. I bought the one at target and if you don’t press your finger all the way in it doesn’t count it. My thumbs hurt because of it. I also hate you have to click the back. It’s kinda rigged

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