Fidget TiKTok Pop It Game | Pop It Fidget Review #fidgettoys #popitgame #popit -

Fidget TiKTok Pop It Game | Pop It Fidget Review #fidgettoys #popitgame #popit

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Fidget TiKTok Pop It Game | Pop It Fidget Review #fidgettoys #popitgame #howtomakeahomemadepopit

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Fidget TiKTok Pop It Game | Pop It Fidget Review


  1. I ordered one today and it’s black and it’s a hexagon and I’m so EXCITED

    And who knew you could comment date….

  2. Pop It Fidget Game Rules
    1 Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first

    2 Players will take turn to choose one row and POP as many bubbles as they want (in that row only)

    3 The next player will choose any one row that has any unpopped bubbles and POP as many as they want in that row only

    4 Players will continue taking turns until one player is forced to POP the last bubble. That player loses that round, but don't worry! Flip the board and start over. The first player to win tree rounds is the winner

  3. my mum bought me the disgusting nail thing too

  4. Ok so I get 3 rainbow pop it’s and I’m taking one to school so a rectangle square idk the last one!

  5. I’m getting a pack of one pop it and more stress stuff!

  6. I’m so happy my mom bought me the rainbow Fidget toy pop it😭 I’m so happy.

  7. My mom bought me rainbow fidget toy the rainbow one I’m so happy😭

  8. I told my mom can you buy me some from amazon she said yes sense I’ve been good at school and my Grades I told her search Fidget toy pop it I told her the rainbow one she buyed it for me🥺.

  9. Im gonna get a fidget cube then ill get a pop it its my dream

  10. I know this fidget toy is from vat 19 .com

  11. What are this popping things I need themmnmnnmnn like now but where do I get them?

  12. I litteraly just got a pop it thats why i clicked on this video XD

  13. Im getting pop it rainbow unicorn size!!

  14. Iam super happy because my dad buy me rainbow circle pop it!!!!!

  15. Why is some videos there the same AND WHY IS THERE A FLIRTY VIDEO NOW WE ALL KNOW SHE IS AN ODER

  16. I got to of Those pop it but tropical OK tie-dye among us puppet

  17. …why are kids play with these are….hmmm…..I'm not trying to be mean but like these are….boring 😴

  18. • Me realizing I want a new fridge for my mom to make ✨POP IT ICE ✨ •

  19. You put the same exact ones more than one

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