Fidget Trading Real Life vs Digital -

Fidget Trading Real Life vs Digital

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Fidget Trading & Pop Its are everywhere lately, in real life, digitally as app games. The 2 top app games all week have been Fidget trading games so I finally decided to look closer to understand & compare fidget trading in real life vs the app game version…

Pop It Real Life vs Digital:

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  1. They are not rare the only reason why Bell that one was Rose because it was pink not white like yours

  2. Lauren that is a part of a long thing it’s a pop tube how do you not know it is now the most popular one fidget it’s kinda like that to be in the bathroom I dare you spiders know that I want that one never even pops but this one is the real fidget one always pops and enormous fun night then you can make a snake and then I’m a face of a bit of a human if you have a lot of pop tubes❤

  3. The thing that's purple is called a pop tube your welcome (in a nice way)🥰

  4. Hey Lauren! Sorry if im bothering you but how much pop-it do you have? just wondering just in case you ask its not like i want them i already have enough but im just wondering you dont need to answer. But i hope you and your family are save 💜💜💜

  5. “I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.” – Psalm 119:30

    Thank you for reading, God bless you!

  6. I can't believe that luran called flip them a bubble dog 😳

  7. I had one in year 2 the school gave me but it made me feel angry even though it was the shape of my favourite animal so I broke it

  8. I hate then they are fun at Frist but that get bad much Bader

  9. OH OH OH! you should get a pop it ball

  10. In fifth grade no matter what if you have autism or anything you're not allowed to bring popits or fidgets to school

  11. They've been banned completely not even at recess

  12. me (shut up stop saying pop pop )
    lauren (this is my brain after this vid
    me after (i love u)

  13. Meneither i thought simple dimples are pop its

  14. Look I was a bit made In the first vid but then i remember you had never see or touched one

  15. if my school it can bring pop it or simpel dimpel 😆

  16. the pop tub is not very expensive becaous i have five of it

  17. The square is worse than the rainbow AmongUs you need the rainbow AmongUs for to work

  18. 'its worth 2 million dollars'
    Me who got one at a variety store for 2.50: ………..

  19. Lauren can do the lauren(i mean she can do what she wants)

  20. “Uh decline,no it’s not it’s 7$ off of Amazon shut up.”


  21. It's been so long since she has maid a pop it video

  22. Please y’all please sub and like lots of her vids can we agree that Lauren is a great YouTuber (And gl on 10M subs Lauren I luv your videos and I agree with Emily B)

  23. When they say if it’s legendary or rare they just making it up

  24. So Lauren now you know they’re good popits and bad popits and The digital pop-it games are the worst, some don’t even have sound.

  25. Lmao, I agree with lauren.
    Simple dipples are like pop its

  26. I have sensory disorder and they gave me a 504 so I can learn better

  27. You said it wrong it's said

  28. Ok pop tube,pop it,fidget ball,dimple,triple dimple,simple dimple,DNA ball,squishy,mini pop it,snake,wacky track there’s more I just can’t think of them off the top of my head

  29. That things I think it's called like a monkey noodle

  30. Lauren in the first part of vid it said u had a game Call afair 3d 🫣

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