Fidget Trading Scam Apps -

Fidget Trading Scam Apps

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Today I’m trying 4 Fidget Trading apps, they’re all the craze right now on the app store and I’m here with my fav sensory toys to see if we can get some good deals
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  1. I'v played this game🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  2. i have the game that you played second

  3. This hole video is just kassie saying “MORE!”

  4. Gloom: u cant offer me something and then ask for more thats not how trading works!!!!
    Me:that is how trading work!!!!!

  5. The fidgets names are Golbbles DNA ball and mochi!
    They are all in order

  6. By the way gloom, you had two iPhones on game 2

  7. I am soo sorry but you were greety

  8. The first thing you introduced is A global and the second one is a DNA ball you’ve heard of this before I don’t know how you don’t know the name

  9. Hey do you wanna do a fidget trading with me don't worry I'm not a scammer and I got 1000Alexa stop it I would like to trade and I am not a scammer just to say I do now If you want to make a difficult just trade pop its Don't worry I'm not a scammer and yes I am 1000 but I have to buy 1000 or maybe just a nose But I don't have 1000 but I'm gonna buy 1000So do train train train go bye-bye

  10. I don't like this video that much Gloom was like:Give me all you're figets so greedy

  11. Gloom"this is the first time he tried to scam me"

    Also gloom scamming people.

  12. Wow the ppl she was trading were so dumb. She scammed everyone

  13. Mochi's get sticky when you wet or wash them

  14. That last one made me so mad for some reason

  15. Hey I'm the person who made that 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  16. Gloom: "I need to calm down, I need to calm down."her: nervously playing with dna balll

  17. 1: It’s called Globbles

    2 Then It’s called A dna Ball

    3 then your right a mochi

    (Also sorry about my grammer)

  18. Not kassie forgetting the decline button exists 💀

  19. Her offering money:
    Me: Pov: it`s one dollar

  20. You are like the kindest person ever

  21. And after time, mocchis details come off too, but they are cut and squishy

  22. Can I get one of them if you have one of them like some yourself like like you’re hurting right now please daddy as you know I really like your videos that I will give you a light and describe everybody watching the video you to like in describe to have a video because she is the Awesomest like to scribe right🎉🫶🏾😁😀🥺👍🏾

  23. I got 17 iphones and a bunch of pop it’s for an iPhone on the second one u tried 😂

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