Funko Announced A Pop Video Game! (Funko Pop Hunting) -

Funko Announced A Pop Video Game! (Funko Pop Hunting)

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Today we are taking a look at the first Funko Fusion trailer as well as going to look for new pops I need!

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Maurice Long starry night dress angela says:

    They should make a sonic handmade by robots figures

  2. Day 1 of asking top pops to show all his dc funko pop

  3. Funko actually had a mobile game based on Gears of War. Sadly it shut down a year after it launched, but it'll be cool to see another pop based game

  4. Video 24 of asking you to show us all your WWE funko pops pls 😊

  5. the chase for oswald is the black and white version.

  6. I really liked the Care Bear flocked soda one.

  7. Day 44 of asking Top Pops to show his entire Freddie collection

  8. I'm Excited For The New Funko Fusion Game As Well

  9. Flaaaaava Flaaaaav! Cool they put out a new 1 & I actually like it (as some1 who doesn't like ppl pops)

  10. Love Oswald! Love Felix! Bedtime bear is cute too

  11. I got that Flav autographed rfrom 7Bucks a Pop.

  12. I bet you don’t have Funko pop 455 pokèmon pls show this to your video I am a big fan I subscribed to you


  14. That Funko Fusion games looks cool. I love that bedtime bear soda 😀👍🏾

  15. You should do a Whatnot auction if you have a overhaul of common sodas

  16. I didn't know there was a Funko Pop Video Game

  17. Wish I had 5% the positive energy you have. Another great video! 👍🏻

  18. Congrats Tristan cant wait the see of many more subs you get

  19. Day 10 of asking you to show off or get some Hamilton Funko pops.

  20. Youtube thinks I like Funko poops but I'm just here to tell you this is toxic vinyl chloride garbage poisoning you & the earth & you need to do something better with your life
    Can we class action sue Funko for throwing tons of this crap in the ground for contamination

  21. Day 4 of asking Tristian to show us his Pop! Rocks figures.

  22. Hey Chuck-E-Cheese Funko Pop Niko Shake It Out

  23. Day 60 yay of asking top pops to show off his South Park funkos

  24. Some really nice sodas!! Great video as always 😊

  25. Who else has a massive Funko addiction but not like Tristan's.

  26. Another fun and exciting video.. I love it. Cool finds

  27. Here is a really good idea make Funko fusion toys to life or use pops to unlock pop exclusive characters

  28. GameStop is closing down in Ireland this year, I’m very sad about it

  29. i sent over my leonardo with surfboard funko pop to PSA to get graded

  30. Day 15 of asking Tristan to show us all of his South Park funko pops!

  31. Great Vid. So Felix the Cat carries his Bag of Tricks. As the song lyrics say” Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his Bag of Tricks”. The bag provides whatever he needs to get himself out of trouble!

  32. Can someone show this video to every Gamestop in Toronto so they can be THIS NICELY ORGANIZED!!!

  33. Can you pls show all off your chases and guys like this comment so top pops can see it

  34. It would be cool if you could scan the pop you own to use to play in the game

  35. I got into these awhile ago bc of my niece. She gave me the halo grunt first. Then i got suichi, pat bateman, pennywise, chewbacca, and towlie from south park. I want the creepers from jeepers creepers but that is pricey to get rn. Soon ill get it.

  36. Like lego funko trying to cash out on the gaming market as well,though allot of franchises and genres will appear like horror,action,sci-fi im not sure how this will turn out to be! With lego or lets say nintendo't amiibos on the loose is hard to go against them.Funko should stay to what they are truly are capable,to upset buyers with unreleased products throughout the global market!

  37. It is made by the minds of classic lego

  38. Pls play Funko fusion on the channel

  39. Is Funko fusion coming out for the Xbox series x?

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