Game Boy Advance Longplay [188] Puyo Pop -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [188] Puyo Pop

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Played by: Segafan

Known in Japan as Minna de Puyo Puyo, this the first game developed by Sonic Team after Compile went bankrupt and it’s the first released for the Game Boy Advance; the release dates were 18 October 2001 in Japan, 11 February 2002 in North America and 2 April 2002 in Europe.
It’s very good and fun puzzle game appropiate for a portable console, I have played this game on Hard difficulty.

00:04:44 Hajimari Forest
00:14:16 Goldtown
00:25:52 Gachinko Dungeon
00:36:57 Magical Tower
00:45:50 Dark Prince Castle –
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  1. 42:50 What the-? How did a scene with Incubus go straight to a battle with Schezo?? Did the Incubus battle and Schezo cutscene get cut from the recording by mistake?

  2. I wanna start a fight in the comments section so im gonna sayArle is the best anime girl

  3. Hey Segafan,Please!Play Of Gameboy Advance-Crash Nitro Kart

  4. I hope there's more Puyo games coming to this channel.

  5. Puyo Puyo is that kind of game that I never know how to play it. Sometimes it seems that no matter how do you play, the game still throws some shit into your screen and you fail. I'm talking about Sega MegaDrive version, this one looks a bit easier.

  6. I just started playing Puyo Puyo on the PC Engine! 🙂

  7. First puyo game I played is mean bean machine

  8. isn't there a game of this coming out for switch

  9. The most recent appearance of Puyo Puyo was in Sonic Mania but it serves as a boss battle in the main story mode

  10. Wow, I didn't know this was released in Europe! It must be easier than Puyo Pop Fever, right? I've got that, but couldn't get a hang of it.

  11. So, is Arle actually a kid in this or what?

  12. >what is your sign
    >octagon, as in stop
    quality dialogue

  13. I really love Puyo Puyo… but I never seem to get a hang of beating this game.

  14. jahjhajhajh used tea bags jiaaijhujahiu actually not that bad. i did various times

  15. octagon as in stop jiaijaji someone can tell me what this means?

  16. This game uses the same voices from Puyo Puyo Sun for the attacks. Okay, then! Puyo Puyo Sun 2 it is! (Just a joke)

  17. The basic moves/how to play screen is straight from Puyo Puyo Tsuu, if you are going to draw from earlier games, you draw from the very best one.

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