Game Highlights: Steele Returns, Cubs Win 5th Straight Game | 6/17/23 -

Game Highlights: Steele Returns, Cubs Win 5th Straight Game | 6/17/23

Chicago Cubs
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Game recap of the June 17 Cubs vs. Orioles game at Wrigley Field. The Cubs won their 5th straight game and Justin Steele made his return to the mound.

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  1. Fly The W!!!Lets put together +20 over thr next month and take control of the division.Happy Father's Day!!

  2. Where did this MAJOR league team come from? This season, I was annoyed by the minor league caliber pitching and hitting that was on the field. I'm afraid to get too exited yet, because this is only the first time this year the Cubs put five wins in a row.

    Not willing to spend money to go to Wrigley yet, especially given Chicago's crime problems.

  3. They going to f**k around and end up in first place lol!!! Go Cubs Go!!

  4. As a cubs fan here in uk extremely happy with last few games esp and getting to see the team live next weekend cannot wait

  5. I hope im not the only person who thought Pat Hughes was calling Baltimore “Voldemort”

  6. they had to review to remember the tally of balls of strikes.. what an absolute embarrassment for the umps and the batter.

  7. Got a little bit nervous but kept the faith. Welcome back, Justin!! Thank you, Michael Tauchman! Happy Father's Day tomorrow to all of the dads on the team! 💙

  8. Should we get out the brooms again tomorrow? Love to see another sweep Cubs, such a great run guys!!!! Go Cubs go:)

  9. I was in Chicago this past week, and the Cubs haven't lost since. You're welcome! 😆😆😆😆

  10. Glad they won but no way was that leiter pitch a strike. Call by an ump who can't keep track of the count. But sometimes you get robbed, sometimes you get a gift. Hoerner with that clutch 2xrbi.

  11. Umpire didn't know the count? Hope he doesn't do any playoff games.

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