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Gears POP! Boomer Buddy gamescom

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Brought to you by Xbox and Funko Animation Studios, “Boomer Buddy” is the second in a series of animated shorts starring the characters from Gears POP! Embark on a nostalgic adventure with gunstar heroes pink. Play now!

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  1. Boomer isn’t boomer with his boom shot.

  2. Can’t wait for either the Matriarch or Berserker. .3.

  3. When your corpse gets launched off the map by 4 boomers in horde

  4. So funny. PlZ next Myrrah? Maybe dating or oops grab or something

  5. Lik si lla jugaste gears pop

  6. Laik si te gusta gears of war

  7. Full cheaters this game… Please botton for report… And thanks..

  8. Quisiera que pusieran gear of war 3 gratis en la xbox360 😢😥😔

  9. Pobre bumer like si te salió una lagrima porque se po ne triste el pobre bumer😢

  10. Se puso SAD el boomer (╯︵╰,)

  11. Gear pop em português significa equipamentos de pop

  12. Gear pop em português significa equipamentos de pop

  13. thank you for the good times unfortunately They had to erase it

  14. Really, Marcus would've actually taken the opportunity to kill him instead.

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