Gears POP! - E3 2019 - Kitten Around with RAAM -

Gears POP! – E3 2019 – Kitten Around with RAAM

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Brought to you by Xbox and Funko Animation Studios, “Kitten Around with RAAM” is the first in a series of animated shorts starring the characters from Gears POP!

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  1. Nobody:
    Nobody at all whatsoever in this world:

    TC: So we're going to give you Gears POP….

  2. I just can't take this series seriously anymore. Good grief. 😐

  3. All around me are familiar faces 
    Worn out places, worn out faces

  4. How on earth does this have so many likes…

  5. Gears of war pop: we will become the most iconic and best mobile phone of all TIME!!!

    clash royale: hold my elixir

  6. how are there more likes than dislikes

  7. 0:24 when he comes up with the lil troika always cracks me up 😂😂

  8. It's a mobile game and it's look pretty good ✌️

  9. I never imagined that RAAM can run. He's more the dramatic type.

  10. Awesome but… It's not working at huawei……….

  11. Pueden aserlo para HTC porfa alguien traduscalo en ingles

  12. Thanks for this I watch twice I like it good job

  13. Fan since Gears 1 and I love this game. Really fun and great alternative to Clash Royale so far.

  14. So the cold heartless raam actually does care about something. How cute.

  15. Ojalá fuera tan fácil matar al raam reculiao

  16. What if little kids that played this game tried to play the actual violence game XD

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