Gears POP! Launch Trailer -

Gears POP! Launch Trailer

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The high octane action of Gears of War finally slams into your mobile device! Gear up for the cute, the adorable and all the badassery! POP! into battle with Gears POP!

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  1. pretty fun! ive been playing it non stop for over 2 hours! almost got 100% of the achievements already

  2. Xbox what’s ur goal and will need for speed heat be on switch

  3. Started the game and I already got my 1st win streak chest to silver

  4. I'ma be totally honest and I know its pg but the first time my avator ran to the other for the lancer fight I got super hypea I was like yes cut him in half…then out of nowhere his head just pops off and I was really disappointed. I like the game

  5. I never understood the attraction to the Gears franchise…

  6. I can't stop playing it
    It so fun

  7. I downloaded this and it's a really good game, game plays similar to clash royale and it has achievements.count me in,also Xbox will you be making any other mobile games??

  8. I'm already playing it and I'm loving it, perfect when I laying on my bed resting..

  9. add games free please!! i not have money, i live in brazil

  10. Join our squad: Corrupt . Semi competitive semi casual. Let’s get it!

  11. It’s a great game I love it Xbox, if your reading this I have one complaint. I think you should have another why to safeguard your profile other than Xbox, there are players who don’t have Xbox.

  12. I which it was all of the pop so I could use my five nights at Freddy's characters

  13. If the first part of the trailer was actual gameplay, would of been so worth it.

  14. This game does not work in Colombia and Puerto Rico

  15. cant believe you guys want to play this boring game

  16. I'm sad because they are shutting down the servers for this game, I really enjoyed playing it 🙁

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