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Have you played this Pop It game? | How to Play | Reaction!

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In this video we look at this new fidget spinning pop it game that has just hit stores. I came across it a few a weeks ago and was thoroughly intrigued by whatever this thing is. I soon realised that this rubbery colourful bubble thing was a little more than meets the eye.

The Pop It Toy is actually a game that can be played between two players. It challenges your critical thinking, reasoning and logic skills. Much like chess, this rubbery game can be taken away on a trip or just be popped for fun, just like bubble wrap!

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  1. When idk how to play pop it so it's look like math count XD

  2. I have a pop it too!!!! It is heart and octopus yeah they come in different shapes and yes there cold pop its it amazing and satisfying I love it very much my pop its are rainbow

  3. Do u know how to fix it? It's not flexible.

  4. The thing is a pop it and you pop the things

  5. ~Devil girl~, Levi, emoji blue, and Eli. says:

    I have a pop it

  6. Thank you!! I didn't know how to play ☺

  7. So hilarious 🤣love the video !😂 my kids asked me to buy one I said Yes but with 🎲 🎲 😅

  8. i do not understand why all these fidget things are so popular with the wider public, i think they are great for disabled people and seniors, but the average everyday populations do not need them, they are meant for disabled people

  9. That’s the best thing for the best thing

  10. Id rather get a pet rock hang the pop it on the wall and practice hitting the strike zone for when i hit the big leagues

  11. I got my niece about 20 of these. Unicorn, ghost, ice cream bar,, all different types.

  12. Ok 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔nidu

  13. these are for people with learning disabilities and problems focusing/staying still, such as autism or adhd. they arent meant as just toys or something for little kids to collect. i have adhd myself and i physically cannot stay still without hurting myself, either by accident or on purpose. parents, please dont let your kids hoard these because i was unable to buy them for myself because of yall.

  14. Omg you don’t no what are popits
    Because it was pretty cool

  15. i thought it would make different sounds of each different bubbles as to why they're suddenly so popular lol was so naive. Now i know its like the fidget spinner for kids.

  16. I’ve bought my daughters like 20 of these

  17. I’m abused with pop it easpecialy rhe mini ones

  18. My sister ask my can you give me that I have cupcake 🧁 popit that's why she asked me can you please give, but she is in another place she is my mother small brother's baby name is Siya we all are Malaysia but I no english also 😊…..

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