How to play Bop It! -

How to play Bop It!

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Learn the rules to the speed game Bop It! quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to respond quickly to the game’s commands. Pull the blue knob to turn on the unit. Pull the blue knob again to select which game mode to play. Twist the yellow knob to adjust the volume. The unit will go to sleep after a few seconds of inactivity. Pull the blue knob to wake it up.

When you are ready to begin, press the bop it button to start. The Solo game is for 1 player. That player holds the unit and responds to the commands that are called out. When “Pull it” is said, you pull the blue knob. When “twist it” is said, you twist the yellow knob. When “bop it” is said, you press the white bop it button. The game will slowly speed up the longer you go. Once you mess up or are too slow, you’re out and the game ends. The unit will tell you your score. Play again to try and beat the high score. If you reach 100, you’ve beaten the game. Remove the batteries to reset the high score.

The pass it game mode is for more than 1 player. All the same rules apply except there is the new command “pass it”. When you hear that, you hand the game unit to another player. Whoever messes up is eliminated from the game. Press the bop it to continue playing with the remaining players until there is only 1 player left, then that player is the winner.

You can also play each of these game modes with the harder beat bop mode. In beat bop mode, the commands are sound effects instead of words. The bass drum sound… means bop it. the ratchet sound… means twist it. And the whistle sound… means pull it.


  1. You can also choose to play with “shout it”

  2. Predicting one for the new Bop it extreme which is a bop it xt with with a new color scheme that combines extreme and extreme 2

  3. this is the worst version of bop it in my opinion

  4. i think i saw this before, btw is this video monotized? because i just watched a 20 second ad.

  5. That game device is modern and have a lot of wiring connecting it's speaker/s and the parts.

  6. There is a McDonald's version of Bop It. So do you have it or not?

  7. Can you do a How to Play on the card game Ratuki please?

  8. My brother and I played a variation of this called "Bop It: Extreme." In that version, there were two extra commands: "Flick It," where you flick a green knob, and "Spin It," where you spin a red wheel. It had a beat-bop mode as well, and all other regular rules apply.

    The highest score for that version, however, is 200.

  9. Do Uno 50th anniversary with the gold coin please?

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  11. The first three commands will always be Bop It, Twist It, and Pull It in that order, although it isn't directly stated in the insruction sheet.

  12. My Verison is the same expect different color and you turn on by the bop it button

  13. Are there any bop it units where twist it and pull it are the same knob?

  14. dude be talking like a news reporter looooool but thx

  15. I was here because of a video I saw on Facebook LOL.

  16. At my summer camp, I got almost 100 but not quite

  17. "Bop It Extreme: How To Play. The rules are the same as regular Bop It, except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules, check out this video."

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