How to Play Chess Board Pop It Fidget Game -

How to Play Chess Board Pop It Fidget Game

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Once you Pop, you can’t stop! 🤣



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  1. waooo i love popit games and you made a really nice video.i try this same game online did you ? can you please make a one video on this game "2 Player Board! Party Games"

  2. i bought this game but like a c.b. wait let me explain i mean like do u know the pop it book this is the same except it has the board game in it

  3. I bought this game didn’t know how to play it tysmmm for uploading this video it helped me a lot 😊😊

  4. well u can play this game whatever u like i would tell u like what but idk how to explain so yeh

    Hope i helped

  5. i love popit per hum gharib hai laynahi saktay kash hum ameer hotay

  6. If dice no. Comes more than pop up than what to do?

  7. Its an awesome game for kidsMy daughter buyed this game but she didn't know how to play this game thanks a lot for that.Because now she knows how to play the game after watching your video😀

  8. Great toys for kids ingat po lagi Sir

  9. Ang cute at safe gamitin ng mga bata, malambot , sure na d sila masusugatan at ganda ng kulay , thans for sharing

  10. this is fun… my son is obsessed about this thing…

  11. That’s so intelligent games you genius the most amazing impressive

  12. Like6.this game is cute ehhee….im enjoying watching your game

  13. wow very satisficing my downstairs neighbor has same thing with different color

  14. I also bought this ,but of rainbow colour and this is amazing. If the child want pop it and ludo, both ,he can buy this fidget toy board game.

  15. Does the RED 1 and 4 on the dice mean anything?

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