How to Play Pop It Fidget Toy Game - Easy and Fun! -

How to Play Pop It Fidget Toy Game – Easy and Fun!

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This Pop It Fidget Toy Game is a self-contained two-player game where players try to be the one to force their
opponent to press the last bubble into its hole.
Players take turns pressing down any number of bubbles they wish in a single row.
The player who presses down the last bubble loses the round.
Whoever wins three of five rounds wins the game!

It’s a quick easy game and can be played anywhere and whereever you go.
All you need is this Pop it fidget toy and someone to play with.


  1. So you have to play it with others? I thought you just have to pop it for fun

  2. May pop it is. Heart pop it and. Minecraft

  3. If you can pop any in one time you can pop all but one and you are the winner never even starting the game🤔😆

  4. I have no friends at my house but I have friends I can visit down from their house they’re in their house

  5. God is king Jesus is our savior spread the message before it’s too late

  6. I am getting my pop it today I am happyyyyyyy

  7. Am I the only one to think its a stupid game?

  8. Wait what?!? I thought you were suppose to pop it

  9. لعبة تافهة 😂

  10. Pop it is soo fun toy and there voice like slime❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

  11. PresentHunt: All you need is a friend to play with


  12. finally someone who turned this shitty toy into something actually sort of entertaining

  13. احلى لعبه تسليه ال عجرم

  14. This has started invading my country too. More plastic waste that no one will use in a year (like fidget spinners) 😑 please don't buy that trash that will become boring within 30 minutes.


  16. Thanks! We really needed to know how to play the game.

  17. I have got ice cream pop it and i have got unicorn pop it.

  18. I have this and I have the rainbow colour if anybody have rainbow colour

  19. Can someone Tell me why my pop it only pops on one side, it pops on the back side but never on the front

  20. A trick it to leave four bubbles for your opponent
    There should be two on one row and two on the other
    Their is no way they can win now

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