How to Play Pop the Pig -

How to Play Pop the Pig

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Goliath Games presents “How to Play Pop the Pig”
This is a quick tutorial on how to properly play Pop the Pig.


  1. I still have this game but it’s the new updated version and it is so much fun to play

  2. if i can find one. there all sold out. only space for 4 on the shelf . at wally-word can u believe that

  3. I thought you lose when he pops because in Pig Goes Pop (the European version of Pop the Pig), The announcer says, "Just don't be the one to make the pig go pop!"

  4. But you win when the pig pops! You guys have it backwards..

  5. Did you notice that he doesn't have any teeth.

  6. I’ve done everything correct, I pushed down the head one more time from the round, closed the vest, and tried to push down the arms but it DOES NOT WORK! Does anyone know why this isn’t working? I do have the second version of the pig

  7. The instruction doesn't say to press down the head to reset it, I have the second version, if it wasn't for this video I would of return it. Thank you so much. It's fun. I Play with my daughters age 3 n 5. The head is not hard to press down. My kids loves playing pop the pig.

  8. I think that toy pig is very cute! <3

  9. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this exact version of this game? I am only finding the other version, not the Pop the Pig with checkered pants and a crank tail. Thanks in advance for your help with this.

  10. In the other version, it doesnt say what the white sticker on the die does? Someone please explain

  11. I want that on May 19th you know my birthday if I don't get one it's okay I still want that Pop the Pig. D SN V p 1 check mark

  12. Used to watch this in the ads when I was lil n it did not look like this

  13. I want this so bad I like it since I was 6

  14. the things i'd do for the original version

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