I Had to POP OFF On Janus To PROVE MAGES AREN'T THAT BAD IN SMITE! - twistytiles.com


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Today we will be playing Janus Mid lane in SMITE! What should I play/do next?

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  1. That 1100 hit prob would of been like 1800 or 1900 pre nerfs.

  2. Just seeing the build at the start, the only real missing thing is etheral staff

  3. Some mages feel fine, Vulcan seems to be one of them as well. Other mages feel like shit.

  4. Honestly I've been playing alot of ah puch when I get mid. I think area denial is the number 1 thing you want to see from your mid this season. Lots of burst and base durability add the area denial for your titan and you get a free win when your titan is unleashed

  5. Love how after you got the clutch steal everyone but the bitchin Marti was poppin off with you. Mans wasnt the main character and was cryin

  6. Now what about on a mage that doesn't get tons of free pen?

  7. I still think mages are bad in general. Mages without escape/peel/escape and peel are just terrible. You just get dived instantly. Playing Anubis and missed your stun? You're dead. Kulkukan? Getting dived 24/7. Janus is just one of those rare mages that are good right now because 1: he has self peel. 2: he has escape. 3: he has extra pen on his ult which gets more value since everyone's going tanky now.

  8. Thoth is a pretty good pick because of his passive pen and dash that covers half the length of the lane

  9. Smite 2 is gonna be the same game just clean coding

  10. Yeah man. T2 item balance is bad… Anything but build variety….

  11. Give every mage Janus scaling pen passive and of course its gonna be no prob.

  12. I played against that martichoras. He played Achilles solo and ulted away at the sight of anybody

  13. Mages feel like shit. There's 0 reason to play when you can do more dmg as a hunter with every game going long

  14. I like how Marti was bltching the whole time and when you ult the fire giant he is the only one to not congratulate you.

  15. I love how you just delete these fools! I want to see you vs Weak3n or Samdadude, that would be an interesting game to watch for sure!

  16. "I had to pop off on the 1 of 3 mages that are still viable to prove nothing" they have him an items worth of pen on his ult so ofc he still melts chel is also way over tuned and ao is good but that's ab it.

  17. Hope you reported that Manti ppl like him dont deserve to play the game

  18. Any mage with passive pen is good. Which is not very many.

  19. I’d been hearing JJ saying the beacon wrong this whole time and I felt like the “haven’t told anyone in 5 minutes” meme guy.

  20. 6min 40secs code talk sad but true
    janus is like the top mage so video name is a sad. play pos with con and/or his bothers. would love to see it all in the mage catagory

  21. A lot of bad players complaining about mages.

  22. I main Thoth. And Jesus Christ I’m feeling the magic item nerfs. I constantly feel like I’m shooting nerf darts at people, I can only really damage squishes now, unless they have magic defense. Then it’s like they are made of diamonds

  23. I wonder if the reason items can glitch the chat is because of how the chat pops up a notification to let you know when a teammate built an aura item.

  24. Let me know if you want to watch the number 1 hachiman, Im in masters so you can watch one of my games in my history or I can play one live, idk how you do them usually

  25. Hello Double, just a question, is there a reason why you play smite in 32-bits ?

  26. Picks the top DPS mage to prove they're not bad?!

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