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Intimate Agony

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Film deals with the problem of herpes.


  1. I've got HSV2….barely know I even have it….might cause a little "coldsore" once or twice a year…..people think I have the plague or something horrible…..unnecessarily stigmatized

  2. Its the 21st Century and any educated person knows that herpes is not a sexual disease it is a virus called the Chicken pox and anyone who has had the Chicken pox has the virus; it is dormant in your nervous system. They one person out of three will get the " Shingles " People who never had the chicken pox is more likely to get the Virus. It is good to talk to your medical provider. Don't think it won't happen to you cause it might. The pain is so unbearable, I would never wish it on anyone; its like open surgery and you are wide awake. The ones that are more at risk are the elderly and children. Talk to your Doctor, it will take over your life like mine.

  3. I saw this years ago. It's a great movie! It tells the truth about STDs unlike these BS ads today about "doing more to prevent the spread of herpes." WTF? You shouldn't be doing more. You should be doing LESS!

  4. What I didn't like was it didn't talk about the use of condums to help prevent herpes & other STDs. I do remember its original air on TV & the excitement of "Luke" from GH being the key player.

  5. The fact is that when one chooses to have sexual intercourse outside marriage (one man & one woman), then they invite the possibility of all sorts of unpleasant circumstances into their lives. This movie points that fact out quite clearly!

  6. The tennis-pro asks, "Why me?" – when it is quite obvious that he would be a prime candidate for catching & spreading herpes.

  7. Did Tommy get it from the lady he was giving tennis lessons to?

  8. That's nasty. I am not watching the rest of this movie.

  9. good movie and very educational tkx for sharing

  10. what I don't like about people in these situations is all they can asked when they can have sex again. like really!!! live a celibate life until u find a committed partner instead of trying to spread your shit. ppl always asked why me", as long as u are sexually active , anything is possible . all it takes is 1 time to many. in the movie, doctor never once said used a condom.

  11. That old guy in the first scene was so skeevy.
    Why would Judith Light have sex with that guy?

  12. herpes simplex in baby's is a killer never let anyone with a cold-saw touch your child especially kisses be aware

  13. 1 hour in and sounds like an old 78 record

  14. Herpes is a complex that comes from chicken pox. If one is infected then it can spread to the genitals so use a condom at all times because this is just like AIDS..

  15. if a person can't be straight up about what they got then don't sleep with them herpes is a serious disease no it's not like AIDS but you can't get rid of it either

  16. in this movie herpes was crawling around like it was AIDS


  18. I remember from my childhood that almost everybody, especially amongst adults, used to get a cold sore in the summer. If that was the herpes, it should have been absolutely universal nowadays. I wonder if that was even reported to the doctors in the 1950s and 1960s – just a cold sore – as our parents used to say and continued kissing us … Most probably an individual immune system and particular vulnerability have something to do in these cases. Am certainly going to investigate this problem further! Thanks for the upload.

  19. The chicks friend in the dressing room wipes her hand when she finds out her friend has heroes but puts that nasty ass hanger in her mouth…. smdh I love me some Judith Light 🙌🏽. The doctor’s hair do really bothered me he looked creepy

  20. I'm not proud I grew up in the 70s slept around I am blessed I did not catch anything and most of them where skanks

  21. The doctor is quite a romantic guy. Strange no discussion about condoms from the doctor to his buddy .
    A lot of good information in this movie. And after watching it, I have some additional unanswered questions.

  22. I myself don't know much about herpes. Now I'm going to do my research. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Bottom line: the radical sexual revolution of the 70s was just winding down and everybody was still doing everybody else apparently, especially on Paradise Island (anything like Fantasy Island?) so WATCH OUT!

  24. If you squint you will see that with a mustache, Mark Harmon sort of looks like a skinnier version of Tom Selleck and incidentally, they both kind of looked like porn stars back then.

  25. The name of the movie is hilarious 😂 So much tongue in cheek.

  26. Reminds me of the days when “going viral” meant getting herpes!

  27. his movie is NO WAY near the reality: In 1981, I was hospitalised for one month in an isolation ward, lying in like a splayed chicken and unable to walk from the agonising pain. I don't expect people to believe this but I was infected on purpose by my partner, a ** psychopath, and nearly 40 years later I am writing a book about how Herpes ruined my love life. The good news is that nowadays, the treatment is light years ahead of when this movie was made. PS I have never gone on to infect anyone – it is almost impossible to be careless enough to pass on Herpes, the symptoms are unmistakeable and so painful, you would have to be a complete fool to let anyone near you. Take care everyone x

  28. Good grief, I just watched most of the movie before realizing that's Luke from General Hospital.

  29. I can't believe I just spent over an hour on a herpes Lifetime movie 🤣

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  37. Thank you for the great movie.
    Good cast.

  38. This has to be the best herpes movie I've ever seen.

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