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J-Pop Talk Show: Japanese Culture Enthusiasts – Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live
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Two Japanese culture enthusiasts celebrate their passion on their campus TV channel. Aired 12/10/11

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  1. Crazy that Shane Gillis was fired from SNL for Asian joke.

  2. "Music Aru" 😅😂 heeheehee ooohhhhh

  3. The best sketch I ever see!! Really kawai!

  4. 100% accurate as seen at any Anime con (6_6)

  5. "Weebs" bully the actual weeaboos and otakus nowadays

    Because isnt anime mainstream nowadays

  6. This & The Kings of Catchphrase Comedy are my favorites. J-j-j-Jacknife!

  7. If you think this is annoying, you haven't see the equivalent of daytime TV in Japanese "tarento" shows in Japan.

  8. Katy Perry was amazing in this and also looked like she was having the time of her life haha. I think she did better than the other occasions where they had actual actors as guests.

  9. I have seen grown women with children fighting tooth and claw over a hello kitty backpack that i found in the trash

  10. Funny skit, but SNL probably should do some research on how to properly pronounce words, e.g. round 2:46, Katy Perry says "une cadeau" – should be un cadeau, as gift is masculine in French 🙂 Next, I hardly understood her pronunciation of that word – only followed it when the professor said that it was a French word.

  11. what is that du-ru at the end their sentences?

  12. Visual interpretation of how Japanese Culture is. but let this be just an option and not a choice. but i got to hand it to them. the attire ensembles is quite very i would say put together.

  13. I hear Japan is a very racist nation, so it's about time.

  14. What is that “du du” they keep adding to everything, it gets stuck in my head lmao

  15. MEET THE GUEST-A-DUH kills me every time

  16. This is how the wapanese people are 😂

  17. 真是格格不入的感觉…

  18. It's funny and sad at the same time, they use to have show like this during the early 2000s, they are poke fun of Japanese enthusiasts Americans, especially Otakus, the Japanese girlfriend bit is a reference to the Japanese men that cosplay as girls

  19. I died at Jason Sudeikis just screaming "He's Chinese!" from off camera

  20. love the theme song hahahahahaha so catchy

  21. 日本のことをこんなにも好きな人いることがとても嬉しい😆

  22. Fun Fact:
    Most, if not all, of those who are offended are not even Japanese !
    They get offended for something they don't even have the right to get offended. 🤪🤪

    This skit is #1 !!!

  23. so accurate it's painful and also the year this was filmed adding to all of it

  24. How does this perfectly capture the annoyingness of the weeb

  25. I'm a simple man. I see Katy Perry, I click.

  26. Sidebar : I got served two double-stacked ads before this video.

    The first was for deodorant. As was the second.

    The algo is learning.

  27. Japanese class was the most wild time of my life!

  28. This is funny cause most people that I've met and seen who are really into anime and manga really act like these two.

  29. I hope Perry apologised for all the cultural appropriation. Suicide is traditional.

  30. “HES CHINESE!!” Lmao I miss this sketch

  31. Off topic but I really want that Chopper pillow

  32. Anyone who speaks Japanese, do those song lyrics to their theme song actually mean anything or just more nonsense?

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