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K-POP Games in PUBLIC say the same group WIN MONEY

The Ian Lau
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Hello! My name’s Ian and I’m a Youtuber from the UK who loves K-Pop, K-Dramas and K-Culture! I usually go to K-Pop events and concerts so I can interview people who love the same things I do! I’m actually a British Born Cantonese but I’m currently self-studying Korean though I’m not very good so I apologise if any of the subtitles are wrong as I’m still learning! If you want the chance to be in my videos, make sure to follow me on Instagram to find out if I’m coming to an event near you!

안녕하세요?! 저는 영국 유튜버 이안이에요. 케이팝하고 케이드라마하고 케이문화 너무 좋아해요. 저는 영국 사람인데 부모님은 홍콩에서 왔어요.한국어를 아직 배우고 있는데 잘 못해요. 자막 실수가 있으면 미안해요. 저는 보통 케이팝 콘서트나 행사 가서 인터뷰를 해요. 비디오를 출연하고 싶어요? 인스타그램에서 저를 팔로우해서 가까운 행사에 저 오는지 알게요.

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  1. Who are stray kids? I only know slay kings says:

    The last girl knew he hadn't said Itzy yet.

  2. We also said balckpink together 🙂 where's my money?

  3. i love the girl who said SEVENTEEN!!!!

  4. him: itzy
    her: itzy
    me: itzy
    but i dont get money 🙁

  5. it's funny the way he just brought up kingdom from nowhere 😂😂

    stan kingdom guys stan kingdom

  6. Txt
    Wow m
    That's me

  7. BTS, Stray kids, TxT, EXO, ENHYPEN, and more 💜💜 says:

    Shoutout to the girl who said P1Harmony 💜💜

  8. Give me money 💵 we said Treasure 💎 at the same time 😂

  9. If I was the third guy I would’ve said Enhypen they are my últ

  10. I’m Soo happy people are starting to recognise txt ❤️

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