K-Pop Group Stray Kids Reveal Their Secret Nicknames For Each Other | Besties on Besties | Seventeen - twistytiles.com

K-Pop Group Stray Kids Reveal Their Secret Nicknames For Each Other | Besties on Besties | Seventeen

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It’s quite obvious that K-Pop Boy Band Stray Kids have a tight bond, but how well do they really know each other?! Watch them take on the Besties on Besties challenge to discover their favorite memory together, hardest music video to film, and MORE! Want more Besties on Besties? Watch here:

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  1. seungmin savage maknae mood saga never end 😂
    he always did it.. sometimes whenever i watch them i felt like the hyung must be like no seungmin not me today pls pick someone else

  2. I thought I choked On my rice from laughing at Seungmin roasts I couldn't they were too funny…

  3. i keep replaying 5:03 just because it made me LOL and I love Hyunjins wheeze laugh 🤣

  4. Everyone: talking about SKZ
    Me: Seungmin has SKZ group chat saved as “Zoo”?😂😂💜✨

  5. seungmin: “thank you everyone”
    everyone else: starts laughing hysterically

  6. I love how this whole entire video Hyunjin is always smiling and/or laughing he's so cute ❤

  7. Seungmin was such a savage. 🤣🤣🤣😂

  8. that feeling when even your groupmates ship u with felix

  9. Seungmin:literally breathes
    Hyunjin and Han:literally dies from laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. My eyes was 8:39 straight on Lee Know. I couldn't just take my eye off since he was not feeling it. Poor thing!

  11. its just really funny somehow that Lee know isn't talk at all- some how though- T_T

  12. Not YouTube exposing stays with the most replayed part being seungmin saying “Hyunjin loves Felix” ☠️💀

  13. I love seeing Han and Hyunjin laughing😭

  14. Minho seems like when I was child my mom said me: go and make new friends when we are in park he seems like neighbor child PWKSOWJDOWJEO but its because of He can’t understand English and Felix try try to translate him omg il them<3

  15. First time watching an interview vid with them. Dont know who's who or their personalities but it breaks my heart seeing Lee Know just sit there and not being able to interact like the other members ]= first Impressions my favs are Lee KNow, I.N and Hyunjin. We shall come back to this comment months from now and see how it compares lol

  16. Just Seungmin shipping hyunlix 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  17. it was fun but i relized something was wrong and it was lee know not saying anything i was sad when u saw him……….and he only got one jist for cooking😐😐😐😐


  19. "I wanna go to the moon" Help i can't 😭😭

  20. I feel kinda bad for Lee Know. Tho I loved the part when Hyunjin said Lee Know never dies and gave him a high five

  21. Everything in this video is just so funny until you see the innocent and cute face of baby LeeKnow 🥺💞🥺💞 Aigoooo he's just so adorable 🤩🥰
    And the other members are really so funny 🤭😂

  22. Seungmin roasting everyone ft. Hyunjin's laughter

  23. Hyunjin loves art (because Felix like a work of art ♡♡)

  24. this is the first interview i saw of stray kids and im- do they always bully each other like that lol

  25. I I don’t like the fact that Minho was quiet the whole entire video is he sad?

  26. No wonder suengmin is the comedian. "I want to go to the moon." Pure comedy

  27. Me watching this video knowing damn well I don't have friends 😥😔

  28. I love Seungmin but at 2:25 when he said "Changbin is so good at nothing" Binnie looked like he was genuinely upset about that.

  29. 4:59 Not only its so freacking random… the way he says it bro

  30. What happened to my baby Lee Know , like he was so quiet and looked gloomy!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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