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Guess K-Pop songs from their instrumentals!

How well do YOU know K-Pop songs? Test your knowledge with our K-Pop Guessing Game! You have 10 seconds to guess each song by its instrumental version. The levels get progressively harder, so put your thinking caps on!

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  1. oops i thought stalker by ukiss sounded a lot like swagger time by map6 !! is it just me ? 😊

  2. 1. Exo monster
    2. Gfriend navillera
    3. Nuest face
    4. Twice cheer up❤️
    5. Jessica fly
    6. Idk maybe Lovelyz destiny? Holy crap I got it right
    7. Money's X all in
    8. Idk
    9. Block b her (throwback)
    10. UKiss stalker
    11. Okaayyyyyyyy what

  3. i got all, if me saying Any GFriend song for the 2nd one beause i can't tell the difference between all of their sings xD they all sound the same to me.. anyone else?

  4. That moment when you figure out Face – NU'EST had already been on the game at the Guessing Game #31 Level 6 XDDD

  5. Can you update this immediately again?? So exciting..btw I got 1 wrong.

  6. ah I only know 5 of these haha blanked out at the rest (and I never fully listen to All In so that one doesn't count)
    and whoa Deepened instrumental sounds so chill and different when vocals are added! I didn't have a clue 0.0
    I don't understand how most people didn't recognize Cheer Up? I knew right away and I'm not even a fan lmao

  7. Borders and Cheer Up, how did I not? I've listened to them over 200 times. I listen to borders to sleep a lot and Cheer Up I watch so often cos I'm a major Once. WTF IS MY LIFE?

  8. LOL #10 should have been way lower on the list. That was so easy to guess. BUT DAMN YOU #4 and #9! I knew those songs! But I totally blanked! BAHAHA Ah well. 6/10 for me! 😀


  10. I probably hav listened to Cheer Up more than 1000 times, but i still can't get it when #4 came out…

  11. i cant believe that i actually guess infinite's the chaser for navillera xD

  12. bruh I listen to deepened sooooooo much. whyyyyyyy

  13. 9/11 This is my best score so far LOL didn't get Monsta X, Nu'est, and U-kiss

  14. snsd i got a boy (LOOOL)
    GFriend Navillera
    twice cheer up
    jessica fly
    lovelyz destiny
    block b- her

  15. aaaaaaahhh i got all except the bonus one hehehehhe amber mianheee

  16. 1- Exo – Monster
    2- Gfriend – Navillera
    3- ???
    4- Twice – Cheer up
    5- Jessica – fly
    6- ???
    7- ???
    8- ???
    9- ???
    10- ???
    Bonus – ???

    Only 4 songs! 😂😂

  17. Face has already been in #11
    Can you make more? But 10 seconds, not 1 [even though those are easy too]

  18. I thought exo's monster was bts' bulletproof. sorry😂

  19. When its Monsta X i said.."Yea its all in…no it is not…yes it is..no it is not" the times up..the result show up…"FUCK"

  20. 9/10
    I only got Jessica's fly wrong BC I don't listen to her as much anymore since- 😕

  21. I got only 5: EXO, GFRIEND, TWICE, Jessica, Lovelyz

  22. 11/11 i obviously have a lot of spare time xD

  23. Watched because of Jinsol thumbnail hahaha

  24. I just realized I.O.I's Pick me up reminds a lot of Jessica's Fly…
    or is it just me ?

  25. 4/10, im crying

    1. monster by exo
    2. navillera by gfriend
    3. ??
    4. ??
    5. ??
    6. ??
    7. all in by monsta x
    8. ??
    9. her by block b
    10. ??

  26. I got >> monster : exo
    navillera : gfriend
    fly : jessica
    destiny : lovelyz


  28. It feels like this game is dead please take it back to life 😭

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