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[KPOP GAME] Guess the K-pop group by Emojis

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Welcome to the Guess the K-pop Group by Emojis 🎶🔍 In this video, we’re putting your K-pop knowledge to the test in a fun and creative way. Can you guess the K-pop group just by looking at the emojis?

How to Play:

🤔 We’ll display a series of emojis representing different K-pop groups.
👥 Your challenge is to guess the correct group name based on the emojis!
💬 Drop your guesses in the comments below and let us know how many you got right!

Get ready for an exciting guessing game filled with iconic K-pop groups and clever emoji clues. Are you ready to put your K-pop expertise to the test? Let’s see how well you know your favorite K-pop groups! Don’t forget to like, subscribe for more challenges, and share this video with your fellow K-pop fans! Let’s dive in and guess some K-pop groups! 🌟🎤

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  1. I love you black Pink Lalisa manoban ❤️ rose Park ❤️ Jisoo kim ❤️ Jennie kim ❤️

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