LeBron James foot injury vs Mavs and says "I heard a pop" while on the floor - twistytiles.com

LeBron James foot injury vs Mavs and says “I heard a pop” while on the floor

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  1. I’m not gon lie…and I love Lebron but I don’t see what really happened and I’ve watched this over like 5 times , did he place his foot wrong , he didn’t come down on it bad , I don’t understand

  2. That pop was the lakers chances of making the playoffs

  3. Damn this mavs fan booing him after that scare is such a sad state to look at why these fans been like that.

  4. He just needed an excuse for missing dat lay up bunny!'

  5. Baby Bron Bron goes down again. Nothing new to see here 😂😂🤣

  6. They should’ve called traveling first 😂

  7. I wish it was his ACL long live the true la laker Kobe Bryant

  8. I will say that it’s a fake injury. There was no weight over that right foot landing, and also no twisting was seen on that landing. And most of all, no athlete of his caliber can suffer injury with that kind of a soft landing. What a shame to have ran away when the team needs him the most.

    “A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only find a short cut to meet it”. (JRR TOLKIEN)

  9. LeBron spends endless hours in the gym practicing this move, fake Layup, get under basket and hit the floor while grabbing your ankle. This is perfection at the flopp and no one mastered this better. If only a Dallas player had touched Lebron even with a fingertip, it would had resulted in free throws and foul calls, then Lakers Coach telling the public how LeBron is the greatest player in the Solar System, the master of faking a drive, falling to the ground and acting injured convincingly. Hell if LeBron was not an NBA player he is so skilled at flopping and playing injured he would definitely had been on disability at a young age, he is the master at hitting the floor, falling down, and working it !

  10. Yo he be lying man faking injuries he not hurt yo


  12. The refs LeBron is down let’s call a foul 😅

  13. Father time kicking in lmao.. he needed those Nikes from that commercial haha

  14. Did he travel first ? Then fake like he got hurt ? This y’all goat ?

  15. Fake injury, can use that excuse to say that's the "reason" they won't even make the play in.

  16. Every time the team that Lebron is in start to go to the bottom… He suddenly gets injured. Every single time

  17. Self proclaimed goat aka soft cry baby😿😽🙀

  18. Pero y dónde está la gran lección que tan dramatizando, que ni se ve en ningún momento que el pie se retuerce, que payaseria con este hombre…..

  19. I've sprained my ankles so many times. A few times at work where I heard a loud pop. The last few times though I was up and working/construction within 20 minutes. Weirdest thing

  20. Lebron tough he played with that injury(causing him to sideline more than 3 weeks) in the 4th quarter and contributed.

  21. Good stay down Lebron doesn't how to play the game .
    Disgrace to this game piece of trash he can't even dribble never bounce again never watch a game again

  22. Are we finally going to enjoy the nba without the false ling 😊

  23. Danng. I hope he bounces back stronger. We're all behind you at this stage Bron. Let's get one more ring!!!

  24. Lebron is a damn drama queen 😂 every season this same shit over and over

  25. He got the scoring record. Taking some time off now

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